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542-stopicon.png Was replaced by OLPC OS 13.2.5.

13.2.3 is an OLPC OS release, adding support for Sugar 0.104, dual core (on XO-4), a new battery module (on XO-4), an 802.11n wireless card (on XO-1.75), a new eMMC part, and a new camera. The target platforms are Target platforms::XO-1.75 and Target platforms::XO-4.


Status: Status::released

Released on: Release date::2015-03-19

Release notes: Release notes::Release notes/13.2.3

Final build number: Build number::16

Download and installation

Download and installation instructions will be found in the release notes.


The release was built with Build system::OS Builder version Build system version::v7.0.4 under Build platform::Fedora 18.