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14.1.0 is an OLPC OS release, adding support for Fedora 20, Sugar 0.103, dual core, OpenGL, and a new battery module. The target platform is Target platforms::XO-4.


  • 2014-09-13, first XO-4 development build release,
  • 2014-09-28, second XO-4 development build release, for partners,
  • 2014-11-09, XO-4 integration of OpenGL support (completed in build 5 on 2014-12-08),
  • 2014-11-15, XO-4 integration of EC firmware for battery gauge (completed in 13.2.2),
  • 2014-11-23, XO-4 integration of kernel dual-core support (completed in build 7 on 2015-01-12),
  • 2014-12-31, release to customer (delayed, pending fixes to regressions).


Status: Status::in development

Released on: Release date::2014-12-31

Release notes: Release notes::Release notes/14.1.0

Tickets: milestone 14.1.0

Download and installation

Download and installation instructions will be found in the release notes.


The release is to be built with Build system::OS Builder version Build system version::v8.0 under Build platform::Fedora 18.