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542-stopicon.png Was replaced by OLPC OS 16.04.2.

16.04.1 is an OLPC OS release, based on Ubuntu 16.04, with Sugar 0.108. The target platform is Target platforms::NL3 only.


Status: Status::released

Released on: Release date::2016-06-15

Release notes: Release notes::Release notes/16.04.1

Final build number: Build number::1465959439


The operating system is pre-installed on the NL3.

Downloads are available to customers only. Please contact OLPC with your NL3 serial number to obtain download links.


How to install OLPC OS 16.04.1:

  • you must already be familiar with how to install Ubuntu, if not, see Download Ubuntu Desktop, and Install Ubuntu Desktop,
  • download the image and write to media,
  • boot our image and install in the usual way,
  • log out of the Unity desktop, and then log in with the Sugar desktop selected.

The desktop choice icon is highlighted below;


Known Problems

Automatic Security Updates Missed

Ubuntu 16.04 shipped from Canonical with a bug 1574896 and 822317 that prevented automatic security updates.

Workaround is to temporarily hide the file /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50appstream and run /usr/lib/apt/apt-systemd.daily once. Alternatively, install a later release of OLPC OS for NL3.


The release was built with Build system::olpc-ubuntu-sugar-builder version Build system version::a45e490 under Build platform::Ubuntu 16.04.