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La Rioja actividades

Esta pagina tiene las actividades para el proyecto OLPC en La Rioja, Argentina.


Browse icon Browse: Web browser based on xulrunner

Download: Browse (11.3) (v.129.1)

Calculate icon Calculate: Basic calculator

Download: Calculate (11.3) (v.37)

Chat icon Chat: Text chat

Download: Chat (11.3.1) (v.71.1)

Distance icon Distance: Measure distance between two laptops

Download: Distance (11.3) (v.28)

Etoys icon Etoys: Learning / programming / authoring environment

Download: Etoys (11.3) (v.113)

Finance icon Finance: A simple financial planning activity

Download: Finance (latest) (v.3)

Help icon Help: Documentation and Help for the XO

Download: Help (11.3) (v.13)

Image Viewer icon Viewer Image Viewer: Simple image viewer

Download: Image Viewer (11.3.1) (v.18.1)

Implode icon Implode: Logic game

Download: Implode (11.3) (v.10)

Jamendo music icon music Jamendo music: music from around the world, from Jamendo

Download: Jamendo music (8.2) (v.5)

Jukebox icon Jukebox: Media player

Download: Jukebox (11.3) (v.23)

Labyrinth icon Labyrinth: Mind-mapping activity

Download: Labyrinth (10.1.3) (v.11)

Log icon Log: An activity version of the Sugar logging tool

Download: Log (11.3.1) (v.26.1)

Maze icon Maze: Maze game

Download: Maze (11.3) (v.14)

Measure icon Measure: Oscilloscope and Data Logging

Download: Measure (11.3.1) (v.34)

Memorize icon Memorize: A game about finding matching pairs

Download: Memorize (11.3) (v.36)

Nature images icon images Nature images: Images from around the world from Wikimedia Commons

Download: Nature images (8.2) (v.8)

Paint icon Paint: Simple paint activity

Download: Paint (11.3) (v.37)

Physics icon Physics: Physical world simulator and playground

Download: Physics (10.1.3) (v.8)

Pippy icon Pippy: Python Programming language/environment

Download: Pippy (11.3) (v.40)

Portfolio icon Portfolio: Simple tool for generating a slide show

Download: Porfolio (11.3.1) (v.13)

Read icon Read: Book/PDF reader

Download: Read (11.3.1) (v.92.2)

Record icon Record: Still, video, and audio capture

Download: Record (11.3) (v.93)

Ruler icon Ruler: Graphical cm/mm ruler and grids to take measurements of lengths and angles of objects the size of XO laptop screen

Download: Ruler (11.3) (v.13)

Scratch icon Scratch: An easy-to-learn, multimedia programming language. Snap together colorful command blocks to create interactive animations, stories, and games, then share your creatiions on the Scratch website.

Download: Scratch (11.3) (v.20)

SocialCalc Activity icon Activity SocialCalc Activity: Social Calc

Download: SocialCalc (10.1.3) (v.5.1)

Speak icon Speak: An animated face that speaks whatever you type

Download: Speak (11.3) (v.33)

Stopwatch icon Stopwatch: Sharable stopwatch activity

Download: Stopwatch (10.1) (v.4)

TamTamEdit icon TamTamEdit: Music composition and synthesis.
See also TamTam Synthlab and Mini.

Download: TamTamEdit (11.3.1) (v.60)

TamTamJam icon TamTamJam: Music composition and synthesis.
Tamtam has four separate activities : TamTam Jam, Edit, Synthlab, and Mini.

Download: TamTamJam (11.3.1) (v.60)

TamTamMini icon TamTamMini: A mini TamTamJam.

Download: TamTamMini (11.3.1) (v.60)

TamTamSynthLab icon TamTamSynthLab: Music composition and synthesis.
See also TamTam Mini.

Download: TamTamSynthLab (11.3.1) (v.60.1)

Terminal icon Terminal: An activity version of the Sugar terminal

Download: Terminal (11.3.1) (v.35.1)

Terminal icon Terminal: An activity version of the Sugar terminal

Download: Terminal (latest) (v.31)

Translation dictionary icon dictionary Translation dictionary: A short multilingual translation dictionary

Download: Translation dictionary (8.2) (v.8)

Turtle Art icon Art Turtle Art: Pseudo-Logo graphical programming language

Download: Turtle Art (11.3) (v.114)

Tux Paint icon Paint Tux Paint: Paint program for young children

Download: TuxPaint-2.xo Tux Paint (latest)] (v.2)

Typing Turtle icon Turtle Typing Turtle: Multilingual animated touch typing trainer

Download: Typing Turtle (10.1.3) (v.26.2)

WikipediaES icon WikipediaES: Offline Spanish Wikipedia snapshot

Download: WikiBrowse Spanish (11.3) (v.31)

Words icon Words: Translating dictionary with speech synthesis.

Download: Words (latest) (v.4)

Write icon Write: Word processor

Download: Write (11.3) (v.77)

FotoToon icon FotoToon: Photo-cartoon activity

Download: FotoToon (11.3) (v.10)

Jukebox icon Jukebox: Media player

Download: Jukebox (11.3) (v.23)

Abacus icon Abacus: Simple abacus activity for Sugar

Download: Abacus (11.3) (v.24)

Story Builder icon Builder Story Builder: Graphical story constructor with a variety of characters and backgrounds and simple word-processing capabilities for writing and sharing via mesh.

Download: Story Builder (latest) (v.19)

GCompris icon GCompris: Suite of children's activities that has won a prize for educational software.

Download: GCompris (17) (v.17)