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Finance icon Finance: A simple financial planning activity

Download: Finance (latest) (v.3)

Get Books icon Books Get Books: Get Books

Download: Get Books (latest) (v.7)

Info Slicer icon Slicer Info Slicer: Quickly and easily select web-based content to edit, package, and distribute as teaching materials.

Download: Info Slicer (latest) (v.9)

Labyrinth icon Labyrinth: Mind-mapping activity

Download: Labyrinth (latest) (v.11)

Physics icon Physics: Physical world simulator and playground

Download: Physics (latest) (v.8)

Stopwatch icon Stopwatch: Sharable stopwatch activity

Download: Stopwatch (latest) (v.9)

Typing Turtle icon Turtle Typing Turtle: Multilingual animated touch typing trainer

Download: Typing Turtle (latest) (v.27)

WikipediaEN icon WikipediaEN: Offline English Wikipedia snapshot

Download: WikiBrowse English (latest) (v.26)

WikipediaES icon WikipediaES: Offline Spanish Wikipedia snapshot

Download: WikiBrowse Spanish (latest) (v.26)

Words icon Words: Translating dictionary with speech synthesis.

Download: Words (latest) (v.4)