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Since the awesome New Zealand testers are doing much of the testing these days, their template comes first. Earlier templates are at the bottom.

The NZ activity test

Here is a quick list of things to go through when you test an activity and if you complete this checklist as you go it helps you report any bugs you find. Paste your completed checklist into your testing summary and email it to testing mailing list.

  • Tester name:
  • Activity Tested:
  • Activity Version:
  • Sugar Version or Build number:
  • XO hardware or Emulator O/S: (e.g. XO 1.0 B2 or VirtualBox on MacOSX)

  • Activity Wiki Page: (provide link)
  • Description on Wiki Page: yes/no
  • Behaviour matches description on wiki: yes/no

  • Sound works: yes/no/not applicable
  • Webcam works: yes/no/not applicable
  • Rotate key works: yes/no
  • Joystick pad works: yes/no/not applicable
  • Game keys work: yes/no/not applicable
  • Black and white mode works: yes/no

  • Save/Keep works: yes/no
  • Stop button works: yes/no
  • Resume from Journal works: yes/no

  • Neighbourhood environment: (when doing test are you on MESH, ad hoc, using school server)
  • Collaboration apparent: yes/no
  • Share to Neighbourhood works: yes/no
  • Can join Activity: yes/no
  • Friends appear in frame: yes/no

  • Comments on the test you have done: (write comments)
  • Trac bug number: (write number here if you reported a bug in trac for Sugar Labs or OLPC)

Earlier test templates

old Template

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It is preserved for historical or documenting reasons.

Action Result
This is what a successful test looks like. pass
This is what a failed test looks like. fail, bug report
Opening the activity: click on the activity icon.
The icon appears in the activity ring, and pulses during activity startup. -
The activity opens properly. -
Closing the activity: click the X in the upper-right-hand corner of the activity.
The activity closes properly. -
The icon disappears from the activity ring. -
Journal functionality: open the journal activity.
A journal entry for the previous activity session appears. -
Clicking on the journal entry restores the activity to an appropriate state. -
Activity functionality: functional tests.
Add additional tests here. -