American Students Building Laptops

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I have never made a Wiki page, sorry about the quality.

This is an idea I had for OLPC.

The Basic Idea

Students in American high schools will be able to sign up for an after school class, or a school club. The class will be a quick intro into computer technology. The students will spend the time learning about the interior of a computer, and its various components.

At the end of the class, the students will get to build an XO laptop. Not from scratch of course, but possibly from a "build it yourself" kit provided by Quanta. The kit will include the processor, memory, chassis, etc. When the students have built and tested their XO laptop, it will be sent to a child in another country. This way, not only is the receiving child benefiting, so is the student.

Final Words

The idea is very rudimentary and open to changes. I left it basic so that it can be molded around OLPC's needs. I hope that eventually we will be able to have a good plan, and even put it to use.