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Source code

Google released Lollipop source code on 4th November 2014.

Android 5.0 for XO-4 is in active development status. Any contribution would be much appreciated.

Currently the graphics are almost working. Developers are welcomed to peek/compile the repositories. 04/12/2014.

  • use Repo to download the Android source from github repositories.
$ repo init -u git:// -b android-5.0.0-xo4
$ repo sync
  • Note: only engineer build is usable, user build can't be booted since SELinux feature hasn't been adapted.

Test build

 A test build can be downloaded here, testbuild_20150203


Check List

Kernel tuning
Accelerometer sensor tuning
Power Manager

Status update (03/02/2015)

  • Graphics
 HWC works fine.
 OpenGL 3D has problem with gpu driver.
 System alert dialog has color mismatching.
  • Kernel tuning
 Opened KSM in kernel. configuare  kernel patch
 Backported zram in kernel configuare  kernel patch
 Need more testing, some time at first boot, kernel panic since out of memory.
  • WIFI
 Merged patches from 4.3.1, works, ported Wifi changes using broadcom WifiHAL source code. Waiting for Marvell release these new HAL code.
  • BT
 Merged patches from 4.3.1, works.  patch
  • Accelerometer sensor tuning
 Android 5.0 added a few more parameters for Accelerometer HAL, needs verification. code
  • SELinux
 User build boot failed, since can't mount selinux file system.
  • Power Manager
 System can't go to sleep.
  • Camera
 Haven't started to port.
  • Codec
 Haven't started to port. Reversed to use software codec to play music.
  • Gapps
 Haven't started to port.
  • Some known problems
    • W/libprocessgroup( 385): failed to open /acct/uid_10005/pid_896/cgroup.procs: No such file or directory