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Pre-installed APKs are packaged as a zip file in our build. If you would like to add/delete pre-installed APKs, it can be easily done by recreating zip file.

0. Download 32014o4.zd from the OLPC OS release directory,

1. Download kernel, ramdisk.img, system.img, and userdata.tar.bz2 files from the Android build directory,

2. Prepare new userdata.tar.bz2 file

  mkdir userdata
  cd userdata/
  cp ~/Downloads/userdata.tar.bz2 ./
  tar -xvjpf userdata.tar.bz2
  cp ~/Downloads/XXX0.apk data/apk/
  cp ~/Downloads/XXX1.apk data/apk/
  rm -f userdata.tar.bz2 
  tar -jcvf userdata.tar.bz2 data

3. Download image build script

  git clone git:// android-4.3.1-xo4
  cd sugar-combiner

4. Recreate zd image using your userdata.tar.bz2.

  • install the android-tools-fsutils package or ensure you have simg2img tools in your /usr/bin/ simg2img
  cd sugar-combiner
  cp SUGAR_IMG_PATH/32014o4.zd ./
  mkdir imgs
  cp ANDROID_IMG_PATH/kernel imgs/
  cp ANDROID_IMG_PATH/ramdisk.img imgs/
  cp ANDROID_IMG_PATH/system.img imgs/
  cp ANDROID_IMG_PATH/userdata.tar.bz2 imgs/
  sudo ./

5. 32014a4.zd is the image that contains new APKs which you added.

  fs-update u:\32014a4.zd