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By default, Android build script use testkeys which is in build/target/product/security/ to sign all the files need to be signed.

For a decent release, build has to be resigned with release keys created by private builder. OLPC official build is signed by release keys generated by OLPC. The build has to be resigned if you plan to release a customized release.

Here is the instructions to generate all the keys resign needed. generatingKeys

  • Put the keys generated in vendor/olpc/security/xo4

If you can successful build Android for XO-4, there is a script which can help to resign build using specific keys.

  • Before running the script, The BUILD_ID can be changed to a unique string which indicates which build it is.
 vim build/core/
 cd vendor/olpc/xo4/sugar-combiner 
 . vendor/olpc/security/xo4

After enter all the passwords for key store, the output folder contains all the release build.