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  Please copy/paste "{{Translationlist | xx | origlang=en | translated={{{translated}}}}}" (where xx is ISO 639 language code for your translation) to Appropedia/translations HowTo [ID# 179169]  +/-  


Appropedia is the wiki site for collaborative solutions in sustainability, poverty reduction and international development.


Languages : mainly en, some es, fr, de, it, id

Size : 3500+ articles

Update: The Appropedia community is beginning to select suitable articles

To create a snapshot, download the following Bash script, and run it from a Unix/Linux/OS X based machine. It will download the files articles that are linked to from here.

The script will save the files to the default tmp folder found in your current directory where the script is run from. Feel free to change this. The script relies on lynx being installed on the system.

At this point, only the 78 articles to be included on the laptop are found here. If you want to obtain a snapshot of the articles that will go to the server, there are 406 of them, you will have to copy and paste the LC2 section from Felicity's page into the Articles-for-OLPC-Snapshot article, and the script will take care of the rest.

The snapshot of the 78 articles results in 1,259 files and takes up about 9MB of disk space.

Wikihow shell script


  • Formats materials are currently in: html/wiki
  • Scripting (any scripting needed to convert it from current packaging)

Curator Info


Group coordinator:


Allottable size: up to 20 MB


Scope (subjects, ages, other)

Completeness (comprehensiveness for given topic and audience)

Multilingualism (specifically es, pt, en, ar)

Quality (incl. suitability for audience)

Freeness (license and format) All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

Comments, Tags, and Ratings

XO : 

How to Add