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어디서 노트북을 살 수 있나요?

짧은 답변: 살 수 없습니다..

현재로서는 국가 단위로 납품합니다. 소규모로 제공하는 경우는 현재 논의 중입니다. 그 외에도 콴타 컴퓨터가 $200에 판매 계획을 세우고 있습니다. Medium answer: Given the characteristics of the project, the OLPC is initially available only to national government agencies—ie. Ministry of Education—allowing us to achieve the initial economy of scale and a sufficiently large impact to make it sustainable. There are plans and ideas on how to expand our market to include other smaller and/or distributed organizations that will cater to people, places and situations where government agencies are unavailable - in the future and most likely collaborating through and with other parties.

Trying to satisfy personal, individual or otherwise 'isolated' retail requests (many present in this section) will divert precious energy that would otherwise be more effective at larger scales and targets. This does not imply a lack of interest or sympathy towards these requests, many of which are at the heart of our mission, but rather a physical limit that has to do with trade-offs between wishful thinking and practical realities. By no means does this preclude or try to impede that private, NGO and other grass-root organizations or people lobby in their target countries to be included as recipients or to get involved—it just means that they'll have to be a little patient and not lose sight of their dreams and try to match it with our timings.

Keep alert, maybe in the near future there'll be news that will allow us to cater your special demand.

Future answer: YOU CAN, probably, almost. Quanta, the manufacturer of the OLPC laptop, may start selling $200 laptops in late 2007 or 2008 that resemble the OLPC laptop. See this.

두 개 값으로 하나를 받는 것

그런 계획이 없습니다. There's been quite a buzz going around this idea which is just plain wrong. There are no plans for such distribution scheme. See the Retail page for the full story on retail sales, and read this article.

선진국에 판매할 계획은?

XO 노트북을 원하는 국가에게는 차별없이 제공합니다. As mentioned in the countries section, the decision to distribute in any particular country (including the USA and other developed countries) does not depend on the OLPC but on the government's decision.

Note must be taken that developing countries are the initial and ultimate target countries for the OLPC, although it does not preclude other countries from participating.

미국에서 살 수 없는 이유는?

위 참조. See above. Or for further discussions on the subject see OLPC4USA and retail.

NGO나 자선단체는?

개인과 마찬가지로 현재로서는 없습니다. Short answer: As with the individual (retail) availability, the answer is NO.

The OLPC efforts are currently focused at national level, and although we would love to make it available without restrictions, this would disrupt and overload our launch process in order to deal with the vast number of NGOs that are interested in participating. After the initial launch, plans include the opening up to include them. See here.

누가 갖게 되나요?

전 세계 모든 아이들에게 공급되겠지만, 현재로서는 저개발국 지도자들이 OLPC에 참여하고 있습니다. As much as we would like to see an OLPC in the hands of every child on the planet, practical issues and humanitarian criteria help decide the first people to get laptops:

  • Children and teachers in developing countries whose governmental leaders have partnered with OLPC

어떤 식으로 배포되나요?

국가 수준에서 구매해서 해당 국가의 전체 어린이들에게 공급되어야 합니다. Exclusively through national or government agencies of the countries involved. The OLPC is in no way involved in the actual (physical) distribution or the processes governing it—those are national prerogatives of the countries buying the laptops.