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Give 1 Get 1

This page deals with issues related to Give 1 Get 1.


There is a general page about the program at XO Giving. That page includes some questions that should be moved to this page (if you can help, great).

General responses to shipping issues

Oh Canada... We at OLPC are very sorry about the Canadian shipment situation: we underestimated the time it would take us to fully work out the import duties and taxes and we were not clear in our communication to you. We apologize for everyone with a child who will not receive a laptop this year. You can visit the website to download a gift card that lets your child know that an XO laptop is on its way; it is obviously not the same as a laptop, but we hope it helps in some small way. We are working on the logistics of getting XOs to Canada: everyone should have their XO in the January/February time frame. The team at OLPC wants to thank everyone who has thus far participated in Give One Get One. Thanks to the generosity of Canadians, more than 4000 children in the least-developed countries will be receiving laptops in early 2008. --Walter 20:39, 20 December 2007 (EST)

Checking our list... Some of you are comparing notes and noting that some later-day donors got laptops before Day One donors. (I can personally attest to this, since I was the very first person to order a Give One Get One laptop and I have yet to received it.) We did have a glitch and rather than lose a full day's worth of shipping, we shipped to some later-day donors. We did this only after first confirming that we would have enough laptops to ship to the Day One donors by December 24. (We also moved to one and two-day shipping to speed things up.) We appreciate everyone's generosity (and patience); we are doing everything we can to get laptops out as quickly as possible. --Walter 13:06, 21 December 2007 (EST)

Reference Number for T-Mobile HotSpot Offer

I have received my laptop. I am trying to determine my "Give One Get One order reference number" so that I can activate my T-Mobile hotspot offer. Where can I find this number?

Success of G1G1 program

I have read several articles about your project, and the last one I read this weekend (a month old Newsweek since I have been traveling) and I have given to the G1G1 program. Will you be posting information on your website as to the success of this program? How many are given, whether the 2 week window was uniformly used or if it peaked then ebbed or vice versa, etc.?

Good luck with your program.

Dr. Elisa H. Barney Smith

Other G1G1 questions

Will you be doing the G1G1 program again for those of us that missed it? I really want to participate. I will still donate now but I would like to do it again via the G1G1 so I can work on development for the project. Thanks.

This interview with Nicholas Negroponte suggests that the program might be repeated in the US "next Christmas", and maybe sooner in other countries. It's all speculation at this point, though. Also, note that developers may be able to get laptops through the developers program if they can demonstrate a need. —Joe 21:09, 4 February 2008 (EST)

Unfortunately, I have heard that the "Get 1" laptop does not have the solar or crank power that the "Give 1" does. Why is that? I have been told that OLPC will be running the "G1G1" program at the end of this year from multiple sources. Are there plans to make sure that the "Get 1" laptops are more environmentally friendly, too?

Special Education Students in US Public Schools

Under the buy one get one program, can our non profit (Parent/Teacher Organization) buy 1 laptop for a disabled child in our school and receive another laptop for another disabled child at the school? Even if we end up buying less than one hundred laptops?

According to the XO Giving page, you can only designate where the "Get One" laptop goes; the OLPC decides where the "Give One" laptop goes. See also "Can NGOs and charities get them?" on the Ask a Question page. —Joe 01:20, 18 December 2007 (EST)

Shipping Confusions

I had some questions about the problems that many G1G1 donors are having with the shipping of their XOs. I posted a question to this wiki earlier today. It was well written and summed up the problems that seem to be surfacing. The question was pulled off the wiki within hours of being posted. (a brief "non-answer" was posted to my questions for about an hour before it was yanked from the wiki. The "non-answer" said only that updated information about shipping would be posted on Monday.) I know that this page for questions was getting messy and needed to be tidied up. But it seems that when you tidied up, you got rid of all the imbarassing questions that reflect the inept handeling of the G1G1 program. I know that this is a program being run by volunteers. I know that the organization's primary mission is to get computers into schools. I know all that. I can imagine that this G1G1 program turned out to be way bigger than they planned for and they are overwhelmed and undermanned to get all the computers out. I can imagine that there is a lot of confusion and disorganization going on. But it would only take a couple of minutes for someone to make a statement to the effect that they are overwhelmed and working as fast as they can. Quit ignoring your donors and answer our questions. Where the heck are our computers? Why are there no tracking numbers? Why are week two donors getting XOs ahead of people (like me) who ordered in the first 2 minutes of day one? Is there any logical way that you are shipping, or is it just totally unorganized? What's going on out there?

I was the one who "tidied up". I do not work for OLPC, and I did not erase any questions. The questions, answers, and non-answers are still exactly where you put them originally, on the page Ask OLPC a Question/New. All I did was to make it so only the questions without a (non-)answer show up on the "main" questions page, Ask OLPC a Question. I attempted to explain this fact and there are several links to each subpage, but I understand if it's confusing - perhaps you can think of a better way to explain it? As to the rest of your questions, I'm in the same boat, so my sympathy. Homunq 06:55, 19 December 2007 (EST)

Shipment Status

Will OLPC have any way for participants in the G1P1 program to track status of their order or to know when they can expect delivery?

I just received my notice that I would NOT get my XO by Dec 24 even though I ordered on 1st day (at 9am). The notice placed on the Wiki by "Walter" is false - they did not care if 1st day orders received their laptops by Dec 24 nor do I believe they checked if their supply would be sufficient.

When will we get real answers about shipping

Lots of people have questions about the shipping of their G1G1 XOs. It seems there is no rhyme or reason in how they are being shipped. The official story is that first day donors get first XOs shipped and all others on a first come, first served basis after that. However, that is not the way it is working. There are many people who were not first day donors, who ordered later--even second week--who have had their XOs for several days now. At the same time, there are many of us who ordered on the first day--and in my case in the first two minutes--who can't get any answer about the status of their order. All we get is run-around. Yes I called the donor service #, waited an hour on hold to finally get an operator. She checked that our order was on the computer--it was. She checked that the correct address was listed--it was. Then she assured me that we would get one "eventually". I asked why some second week donors were getting theirs ahead of first day donors. She swore that was not the case--she dosn't have her facts right.

Do you have a source to prove this? I understand that you may well have one - but even if you do, you putting this up without a source is the way that rumors get started, if you don't put up a way to check the source then the next person who repeats the rumor will probably exaggerate. Homunq 06:59, 19 December 2007 (EST)
OK, you want me to tell you my source for saying that lots of people who have ordered later-- even in the second week-- are getting laptops ahead of first day donors. Just go look at the OLPC News blog web-site. OK, I know it is not "official" but it is fairly balanced and factual. The people who write the blog and maintain the site are fans of OLPC, not trying to put it down. I don't believe that people are posting that they are having worries and confusions with delivery when they aren't. I don't see any reason why so many people would post info saying they are second day, third day, second week, etc. donor and got their laptops already if it is not the fact. I'm just stating a simple fact that is out there for anyone to see who will just open their eyes. There is CONFUSION and unanswered questions. I love the concept and wish OLPC all the luck in the world. But if they can't get their act together on this they are going to kill a great program from simple bumbleing and ineptitude.

The operator had no way of giving me a shipping tracking number, or date to expect delivery. She seemed put out that I kept asking questions. I guess I can understand her situation. She is answering the same questions all day, with no solid information to give the frustrated customers--oops, I mean "donors."

I called FedEx to see if they have anything coming to my address. They don't. They were very polite and helpful, but without a tracking number, there isn't much they can do. Why aren't we getting tracking numbers for our shipments? (By the way, where is the promised T-Mobile info?)

I kept checking this wiki all day yesterday because the official word was that updated shipping information would be posted on Monday. Nothing was ever posted yesterday.

Does anybody out there know what is going on?

I too ordered on day one and have yet to hear anything. Is the concept of online order fulfillment so new that it is possible that OLPC just didn't know how to do this? It's funny if you look at the People [1] page of OLCP site I see a lot of technology and education experts, but no Chief Operations Officer or anyone with operations experience. I'm optimistically hopeful that by the morning of the 25th I'll be able to give my daughter a gift that isn't a picture.

I also ordered on Day One and got only one generic e-mail at the end of November saying I would be getting a laptop by the 24th and I'd be receiving an e-mail closer to shipping time to confirm. I haven't received the next e-mail and it's now December 23. After writing the service dept. I received an e-mail saying I could track my shipment via FedEx and to be sure to have my confirmation number to do so. I never received a confirmation number at all. I have double-checked to be sure. I also tried calling the customer service number option #2 and was told by a recording to visit to track shipping; to do so I would need a confirmation number OR the e-mail address from which I first placed my order. I went to that site and there was no menu option anywhere therein by which to track an order. This is a real FUBAR situation. I hope my son will have his Christmas present instead of a picture, too.

Canadian Shipping

I am very disturbed with the lack of transparency with the G1G1 program. If OLPC never actually intended to ship to Canada, then the program should have never been open to Canadians. It's better to up front say "Canadians can't get one", then to take donations and then not deliver on them. I know that delivery is not guaranteed, but I think that Canadians who have ordered on First Day shouldn't have to wait until January for their order. Not only that, but the fact that there has been no effort to communicate what the delay is with the Canadian shipping to the perspective donors is atrocious. What is the hold up? Is it Canada Customs? Is it FedEx? Is it the fact that only 150,000 units are being produced this month and they're only for American donors? I seriously question the values of this program when the people in charge of the G1G1 program feel that they can treat Canadians worse than Americans, even though their money is actually worth more.

What's worse is that we can't even get back the money from our donations, since it's been over 30 days for the first-day donors. I feel that OLPC has seriously mislead all the Canadian Donors, since we have nothing but the word of OLPC that we'll get the laptops and that the laptops will actually reach a child that needs it. If I haven't seen the laptop first-hand, I would suspect that the whole thing is a scam. We gave you money, please give us some information as to where the laptops are. Is it too much to ask?

I think that the distributor, Brightstar Corporation (, is putting off shipments to Canada, as they have little, if any, experience with shipping to Canada. They were chosen as the distributor because the chairman, R. Marcelo Claure, is a co-founder of the OLPC Foundation, and deals widely in Central and South America.
I've left a note on John Roese's (Nortel's OLPC board member) blog, asking if he has any information.

Contact me

OLPC, you contacted me via email on Sunday, December 16th, to inform me that the mailing address I had provided (office address) would not be accepted by FedEx. I provided my home address in place of my business address. I was surprised to hear that you had called my home and when my wife had concerns about theft during shipping, one of your volunteers became quite irritated. Now, I am not sure where my order stands. It did not sound like there was any resolve as the volunteer hung up before an alternative address was settled on. I have sent an email requesting that you again contact me to resolve the order. I have also attempted two phone calls. Each time I remained on hold for over 40 minutes before giving up. Please think about setting up a voice mail system or outsource this service over these immmediate crunch your organization is going through. I understand you are overwhelmed, but your donors are going to begin to wonder if you have this much trouble getting orders shipped to donors, how much trouble are you having in shipping donations to the world's children. I think your donors deserve to see you right the ship. Obviously we want to see you succeed. Please keep us in the loop and inform us what is going on.

I don't work for OLPC, but it is difficult to respond to a post in a wiki which does not give any contact information or order numbers. Homunq 06:55, 19 December 2007 (EST)

Oh Canada!

I think somebody should provide an update on the Canada situation and let us know if the logistics issues have been resolved, and greater clarity in the dates similar to the schedule for the US. Thanks! -- 14:55, 1 January 2008 (EST)

Still waiting. -- 12:33, 6 January 2008 (EST)

Still waiting.

Still waiting. --11:09, 10 January 2008 (EST)

I am a different user editing this... I gave 2 around about Christmas of 2007 and received mine together (as one parcel) in Vancouver during the first week of April, 2008.

With Give One Get One, will I be able to contact the child that I donate to?

Keeping in touch, like a Pen Pal, would be very nice.

G1G1 charging technology?

Will the shipped (vs donated) XO come with any of the off-grid charging technologies (crank, pedal, pull-cord) or an option to get the solar panel? If so, which one(s)? Will they be available for separate purchase as accessories? Thanks.

  • High-res unboxing photos of a G1G1 production unit were posted by Morgan Collett on Wednesday, December 5, 2007. Here's a direct link to the flickr set. Looks like there's no alternate charger. ~ Hexagonal 11:24, 5 December 2007 (EST)

How to get this PC for my girl from Germany? (I am an Egyptian )

I will be in Germany after 10 days and I do have a 200 $ So , I want to by this PC for my Girl (Egyptian Girl)

my e-mail is : and the phone at Germany is: 02 166 - 420761

(this is the House owner telephone Fr. Heldgard )where I will be by 23 Nov. 2007

Would you please help me to get this PC

Dr. Fr. Eman Ghozzy

I am merly another user like, you but I think believe that you would have to have her ship it to you via mail, but the G1G1 is only only in North America and it is $399 + shipping and handling. I hope this helps though.

On-line payment secure socket layer (SSL)

I would like to make my payment on-line. But the website does not appear to be SECURED through SSL? I see the PAYPAL option, but I do not want to register with paypal. If I use my VISA card directly, I do not know that your site is secure? Who provides the SSL?

Please POST the confirmation LINK of your SSL provider on the website, so that I can confirm payment security.

  • I'm pretty sure all online purchases must go through PayPal, and you do NOT need a PayPal account. You can also over via the phone.

Extra batteries..

Will we be able to get extra batteries and replacement parts if we participate in G1G1? Extra cables and such? What is included with the XO in the boxes shipped to North America?

A laptop and a single charger. The battery lifetime is expected to be 5+ years, so it is built to last. The cables are standards, so just show the plug to your local RadioShack. ffm 13:54, 1 December 2007 (EST)

My Battery is not labbled with it's battery chemistry and in my area that is required for a battery to be recycled, so what type of battery do I have and how then do I recycle my battery when it does come time to be replaced?

Making a donation from a group

As part of a discussion in my Bus Adm 230 "Introduction to Information Systems" lectures, I talk about the digital divide. As part of this discussion I mentioned projects designed to help bridge this chasm - and of course - talked about the OLPC program. I have collected over $100 dollars from my students for your project! I will add enough money to bring the total up to $200 - enough to provide a child with an XO laptop. I would like to know the best way to donate this money in the name of my class. Thank you for giving my students the opportunity to make a difference!

Wonderful! You should go straight to and click "Donate". Ben 00:51, 31 October 2007 (EDT)

Give 1, Get 1 - warranty/support

For people participating in the Give 1, Get 1 program, how will warranty and support issues be handled? As I understand it, other countries buying XOs for students will buy spares and handle maintenance and repairs themselves. What will be the warranty period for the US purchased XO systems, and will there be some type of mail-in or depot exchange/repair program available (possibly through Quanta)?

G1G1 laptops are currently planned to include a 30 day warranty. Full details will be provided to participants before ordering opens. Ben 00:59, 31 October 2007 (EDT)
I did not see any further information on warranty and/or repair options. Can this information be provided? Sales have already begun (I'm proud to have purchased a G1G1 option) but it would be nice to know how to fix these puppies.
After reviewing the current terms and conditions on the G1G1 program, have you any questions? OLPC has addressed warranty and service options, in line with it being a charity. --Quozl 06:44, 27 November 2007 (EST)

Give one Get one Expansion plans - A G1G1-Europe?

When can the rest of the World get the opportunity to show support for this education project? I have been following your progress religiously since I heard about your objectives a couple of years ago. I spent last summer reading the following two books which I can fully recommend: (1) "The Connected Family: Bridging the Digital Generation Gap" by Seymour Papert, and (2) "The Children's Machine: Rethinking School in the Age of the Computer," by Seymour Papert. My son is only five but I know where this program is going and I want to be able to (have an OLPC laptop for my child) and contribute to it; G1G1-Europe, can anyone give me a possible timeframe for possible expansion plans of this two week North American Only launch?

What Will Ship With the G1G1 Laptop?

What items will be inside the shipping box if bought from give one get one?

High-res unboxing photos of a G1G1 production unit were posted by Morgan Collett on Wednesday, December 5, 2007. Here's a direct link to the flickr set. Looks like we'll get a battery, an AC adaptor, and a 4-page manual. ~ Hexagonal 11:19, 5 December 2007 (EST)
See the Activities page to get a sense of the range of software that will come installed on the laptop.

Is the Get 1 computer the same as the Give 1?

I will participate in the Give 1 Get 1 program, and plan to take the Get 1 to my sister in Laos, who builds libraries there through her non-profit ( Currently Laos is not among the governments that are participating in the OLPC program. For obvious reasons, I would therefore like to make sure that the Get 1 computer that I receive is exactly the same as the Give 1 computers that are sent to developing countries. Can this be arranged?

I don't think you get to choose where your "give 1" goes - you won't ever see it, it won't be shipped to you.

The laptops are the same, minus some key arrangements on the keyboard (like special charecters). ffm 13:36, 1 December 2007 (EST)


Where is the buy one tenth donation button? I see the buy one give one, 100+, and 1000+.

Sorry, we have not provided a way to buy a tenth of a laptop, but you can just give a donation. You are welcome to join with others in your community to give one get one. --Quozl 07:07, 27 November 2007 (EST)


J'AIMERAIS PARTICIPER AU PROGRAMME GIVE ONE GET ONE EN FRANÇAIS. Par exemple, offrir un ordinateur à un(e) enfant dans un pays FRANCOPHONE et en obtenir un pour une enfant francophone. Sera-t-il possible de le faire LE 12 NOVEMBRE?

Babelfish says: I WOULD LIKE TO TAKE PART IN PROGRAM GIVE ONE GET ONE IN FRENCH. For example, to offer a computer to one child in a FRENCH-SPEAKING country and to obtain some for a French-speaking child. Will it be possible to do it on NOVEMBER 12?

I live in France and would really like to back up the last comment, when can I get the opportunity to show my support for this education project, I have been following your progress religiously since I heard about your objectives, my son is only five but I know where this program is going and I want to be able to contribute to it, G1G1-Europe can anyone give me a possible timeframe for expansion plans of this two week North American Only launch?

People in Europe have been getting them. The keyboard has the required accents and Euro, though it is QWERTY. You'll need a friend in the USA or Canada. There are mail forwarding services that may help. You may need a PayPal account or Credit card that is associated with the USA.
Babelfish indique : Les gens en Europe les ont. Le clavier a les accents et l'Euro exigés, bien qu'il soit QWERTY. Vous aurez besoin d'un ami aux Etats-Unis ou au Canada. Il y a des services de expédition de courrier qui peuvent aider. Vous pouvez avoir besoin d'un compte de PayPal ou d'une carte de Degré de solvabilité qui est associée aux Etats-Unis.
Vous pouvez changer au clavier AZERTY, comme ça:
setxbkmap fr
dans l'activité terminal. Voyez aussi Keyboard layouts.--Mokurai 20:28, 28 December 2007 (EST)

Buy 1 Give 1

During the Buy 1, Give 1 offer, can an individual buy 2, give 2 or buy 3 give 3 or is it limited to one?

There is no limit. See SJ's comment on the Give1Get1 page. If you are planning to give large numbers (100+) of laptops, you might want to look at the Give Many page. —Joe 14:44, 12 November 2007 (EST)

Mentorship program for children

Getting a laptop opens the gateway to free resources on the web. However, at least in short-term, I think a mentor is needed for the child to guide them through. It could be done on a voluntary basis. Currently there seems no such focus in your voluntary services section. What do you think?

I agree about a program for helping children get started using their computers. I need a parents section that is geared towards the non-techy user. The wiki has been very helpful. It is geared more towards adults and people with computer knowledge.

WHEN will the Give 1 Get 1 initiative be available in other countries also?

We living in other countries will also like to participate in the Give 1 Get 1 initiative.

You are starting in the US and Canada. But declared that you will try to expand the program globally over time. Any chance that us living in Scandian Countries can be able to join before christmas 2007 ?

I don't know when G1G1 might be expanded, but note that according to point 5 of the G1G1 terms and conditions, there is no guarantee that the participants will receive the laptops before Christmas. —Joe 15:14, 12 November 2007 (EST)

Time wasteth, 1 business day before merry XO-mas

Is there any hope of more complete answers on purchase-related questions in the one business day that remains?

Can you be more precise? Sj talk

I can, and I was, but they have moved the question set.

There's only so many ways I can ask these, but this particular question was about hope. The project brings hope to the young of a small country - that's wonderful. I kind of hope to get one too, but I despair if I can't actually help the child I know.

Note: SJ moved your list of questions to the Give1Get1 page and answered them there; he noted the change in the page history, but it's understandable that you didn't know to check this. I imagine that he didn't notice that this section was posted by the same person. (It's easier to sort these things out if you sign your comments and keep them together.) —Joe 13:16, 9 November 2007 (EST)

Since Joe notes the moved location now, I've trimmed it, go look there. It doesn't appear that non-staff can move their own questions side-by-side here though. (It was probably the same IP address; I did these from work.)

My real frustration is an understandable effect of few volunteers and a complex world - nobody ever asks me the *easy* questions anymore ... nor in a timely fashion. They happen when they happen, and those aren't always next to each other. sorry.

I'm not gonna dream of asking how anyone would help my friend's kid's German autistic school programme. If the OLPC doesn't survive her youngster it would hardly expect dozens of them to survive the batch of them :) and if the Germans can't afford any computers they want in whatever "Give Many" they'd want I'd be pretty surprised. (If someone wants to dream of answering this anyway, I hope you live in Germany and know how to make the XO pass the local whatever-it-is for general purpose use.) -- Heather

Laptop capabilities

I live in the U.S.A. I was thinking of getting a laptop for my 8yo. Can you connect to the internet as you could on any other laptop?


Does her friend(s) have to have one of these (OLPC) laptops to communicate or will it talk to any computer and do the same basic activities my home computer will do?

it can talk to other computers and to the internet. it comes with activities that are probably different than those on your home computer.

I would love to be able to help an under privledged child while helping my own, but I am not sure of the capabilities of your laptop----can you please give me more information and specifics....What a GREAT idea you have had and a dream come true for many children. Who knows, we could have some intelligent leaders in our future because of you!!!!

Thank You
R. Compton
Fairhope, Alabama

Depending on your level of computer literacy, you might want to consider looking first at the Activities page, to see what applications are native to the XO, or put another way, what applications will run on the XO without additional support. The Software components page will then tell you what other programs are being developed for the machine.
Regarding the XO itself, you might want to look at the Hardware specification page to get a better feel for what the XO hardware is capable of. --Valichi 16:39, 9 November 2007 (EST)

Wireless internet availability in Kabul Afghanistan

I will be sending three of the laptops I ordered to a "Tent School" in Kabul, Afghanistan. There is no internet connection at the school. I am told the universities do not even have internet connection. I know that my friends use an internet cafe when they send email. Does One Laptop have a satellite or some other sort of wireless connection set up so that the children at this school could connect to the internet using the computers wireless capability?

When laptops are supplied in bulk, they come with school servers. A school server has 3 wireless antennas. It will often also have a satellite link or other internet connection, allowing the laptops to use the internet. A regular wireless access point device (wireless router device) can be used instead.

Some of the students and teachers speak some English but I am not certain as to their fluency. Will they be able to get their own Arabic language on the computer?

The laptop is intended to support Arabic, but you won't get the Arabic keyboard via G1G1. You'll get a "US international" keyboard. It's QWERTY with extra stuff like the Euro symbol and numerous accents. You can draw Arabic symbols on the keyboard with a black marker, then switch the language. NOTE: Arabic is far from universal in that area. The students may need Pashtun, Farsi, etc.
The main languages of Afghanistan are Dari (Eastern Farsi), Pashto, and Hazaragi. Arabic is not required for secular purposes, but should be available for religious studies.--Mokurai 06:23, 23 November 2007 (EST)

Will directions for the operation of the computer (owner's manual) be available to them in their native language?

The laptop does not ship with any paper at all. Paper would get lost or damaged, and would cost extra. The laptop is easy to use.
We have a manual (in English) on the web. We are in the process of setting it up for translation, so hopefully it will be available in multiple languages soon. --Walter 14:13, 26 December 2007 (EST)
Users still need an electronic manual. See OLPC Publications for proposed documentation. Localization is indeed a requirement. OLPC has a localization portal and a localization mailing list.--Mokurai 06:23, 23 November 2007 (EST)
There are Dari, Pashto, and Uzbek keyboards and localization in the works (as well as Arabic and Urdu), but as has been pointed out, this is not included on the G1G1 laptops. We do have instructions for changing the default language and keyboard layouts in the wiki Customizing_NAND_images#Language and Customizing_NAND_images#Keyboard. --Walter 14:11, 26 December 2007 (EST)

Other colors

I would love to purchase one for my daughter, but she favors fushia or pink. When this color is available will I still be able to purchase a computer from your company?

No, sorry. The software does allow your daughter to choose fushia or pink to identify herself on the laptop, and a random colour pair is used for the logo on the outside of the panel, but the case colors are the same across production. See The Theft Problem for why we are doing it this way. --Quozl 04:47, 13 November 2007 (EST)

How is the Give 1 Get 1 signup going ?

How many have been ordered so far or are you going to wait until the end of the offering period.

According to an 11/24/07 Wall Street Journal article ( currently found here, though this may be an expiring link), "Mr. Negroponte says there were about 45,000 two-laptop orders in the first nine days, with nearly half coming on the first day." ~ Hex

making the second computer a 501c 3 donation???

I am involved in an organization that has an endowment managed by a very thorough organization, as a result I need an answer. How do we make the second computer also tax deductable?, so that there is no personal benefit from the members of our organization which is a no no and stops our foundation from making a donation?

If you wish to donate more than 100, see give many. Otherwise, use simply give. ffm 15:46, 9 December 2007 (EST)

Where to buy?

Where to buy them?

Only on at the moment. --Quozl 04:00, 6 December 2007 (EST)

The Donate one get one program says it does not include shipping

but gives us no way of finding out how much shipping is beforehand. Given it is likely that our refund period will be over by the time these computers ship, is there any way of getting a shipping quote? I am uncomfortable with making an open ended promise to pay some unspecified shipping and handling charge in a couple of months.

The donation page should quote you shipping before it asks you to confirm your donation (maybe it needs your address to calculate the shipping?). I have seen some reports online that shipping is around $25. —Joe 09:52, 14 November 2007 (EST)
    • The shipping for my XO was about 35 dollars when I paid for mine through Paypal, but I am in Alaska. --03:55, 24 November 2007 (EST)--Lylah 03:55, 24 November 2007 (EST)Lylah

Support for Give 1 Get 1 units?

My niece is interested in this program for her boys. What technical support is available for units purchased this way? What warranty?

Thank you, that's an important question, and we have a prepared answer. Item 9 of the terms and conditions handles support, and item 6 covers warranty. If after reading those items you still have questions, please ask. --Quozl 05:04, 13 November 2007 (EST)

Will the XO Ship with a solar panel?

If not, how can one purchase one and where?

The G1G1 laptops ship with an AC adapter. You can find solar panels online at a variety of prices and degrees of portability. The laptop accepts a range of voltages; see the above questions and answers regarding power. —Joe 00:01, 7 December 2007 (EST)


I am very disappointed in the computer. I bought it for my kids and it does weird things like is all in huge letters now so you cannot read it cause it is too big for the screen. I don't know how to get it to quit. Also, it will not let you download a picture or attachment and it does not copy and paste. I am a single mom saw it on Dateline and I realize that we sent a computer to the other country's but I am not rich either. I am really regretting spending this money. I want to return it.

Rachel Getchell

While I can't speak for the OLPC, I'm sorry you are disappointed with your laptop. If you want to get help with the problems you are having with the laptop, you might want to look at the various options for support under the Support for the XO heading in the sidebar. Note that the laptop software is still in heavy development and may improve with updates in the future. I don't think there is an option to return the laptop after the end of the G1G1 program (check the terms and conditions), but fortunately there are other people who are interested in them -- the laptops appear to be selling for more than their $200 price tag on eBay -- so perhaps you might have luck reselling it? —Joe 20:28, 7 May 2008 (EDT)

new version XO2

Will those of us who participated in the give one get one be able to do so with the new version?

The "Give 1 Get 1" program will run again at the end of this year. XO2 will be available in 2010. That's all I know!


how do you download & install dansguardian using xo laptop terminal?

please leave step by step moron proof instructions. thank you.

Computer Education in Remote Areas

We intend to start basic computer training in rural areas of Chhattisgarh, a backward State in in Central India where people are economically very poor and have no or little access to Computers. We wish to start mobile vans which will reach out to the villages in the interior on a pre - scheduled programme alongwith necessary training materials and a tutor. Will it be possible for your organisation to help us in our mission ?

   Col Siddhartha Bose
   C - 2   Tagore Nagar
   Raipur  ( CG ) 492001
    Mob  +91 9993032720

Computer Education in Remote Areas

We intend to start basic computer training in rural areas of Chhattisgarh, a backward State in in Central India where people are economically very poor and have no or little access to Computers. We wish to start mobile vans which will reach out to the villages in the interior on a pre - scheduled programme alongwith necessary training materials and a tutor. Will it be possible for your organisation to help us in our mission ?

   Col Siddhartha Bose
   C - 2   Tagore Nagar
   Raipur  ( CG ) 492001
    Mob  +91 9993032720