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Our Team

This page deals with issues related to Our Team.


How will this initiative be structured?

The XO laptop is being developed by One Laptop per Child (OLPC), a Delaware-based, non-profit organization created to design, manufacture, and distribute laptops that are sufficiently inexpensive to provide every child in the world access to knowledge and modern forms of education. OLPC is based on "constructionist" theories of learning pioneered by Seymour Papert and later Alan Kay, as well as the principles expressed in Nicholas Negroponte's book 'Being Digital'. The corporate members are Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Brightstar, Chi Mei, eBay, Google, Intel, Marvell, News Corporation, Nortel, Quanta, and Red Hat.

Nicholas Negroponte is chairman of One Laptop per Child. Other principals involved in developing the laptop are: Mary Lou Jepsen, Walter Bender, Jim Gettys, Michail Bletsas, David Cavallo, SJ Klein, Ivan Krstić, John Watlington, Richard Smith, Chris Ball, Andres Salomon, C. Scott Ananian, Michael Stone, Eben Eliason, and Mitch Bradley. Benjamin Mako Hill, Alan Kay, Seymour Papert, Barry Vercoe, Ted Selker, V. Michael Bove, Jr., and many others are advisors to the project.

Design Continuum collaborated on the initial laptop design. Fuseproject is our current industrial-design partner. Red Hat and Pentagram have been instrumental in designing and building the Sugar interface. The open source community has been an invaluable partner at all stages of the software development process.

How can I get involved in OLPC as a whole?

There are many ways to get involved, the most basic being to contribute your ideas and feedback. This is the project wiki ( where we are accumulating information about the project and suggesting places and ways to help. See Getting involved in OLPC.

How can I get involved in OLPC in a given country?

The OLPC project does not manage the purchasing, distribution, or implementation of individual countries. To get involved, you should contact the country government (probably the Department or Ministry of Education) locally. In Uruguay, the organization managing the implementation is called Ceibal after the national flower.

Can a team carry out an OLPC project in their country of origin, if they are from an African country?

Yes! Please see OLPCorps Africa or the Contributors program.

Other Team questions

Upgrading the browser

I love my little computer! I got my email from Comcast's website. It told me I needed to upgrade my browser, and then gave me choices for Windows or the Mac. The OLPC computer uses Linux, correct? So, which browser upgrade do I click on? I'm a Mac user, so I don't know about Linux.

Thank you

Dell power internal short

I just bought a new power adapter for my lap top but it acts like its not plugged in and my screen keeps flickering. What can i do about this problem....i feel like i can't move my laptop an inch with out it messing up the connection.

digital pics

can i download pics from my digital camera to this computer? if not then what iis the memory card slot for?



I work for an international development agency many developing countries around the world. I find this initiative interesting, but question the sustainability - what kind of technical support to communities/children receive? How are technical failures or difficulties managed? It is of questionable usefulness to provide tools without any instruction or support in case of problems - and, no matter . I would be interested to hear about any sort of follow up actions that are provided.


how can i print off my xo?

Forcing memory flash

My problem is that I've tinkered with my XO AFTER I've updated it to the latest (711) version.

When I attempt to flash it back to a "clean" 711 installation, via USB, (starting with the 4 game keys pressed down) the process appears to see that the XO alread is at the latest version, and nothing is done. I've also tried to reinstall an older (656) version, prior to reinstalling 711, but the 656 version won't install.

Any ideas on what I might be overlooking?


help lee w/ XO

How can you acsses videos, music and games with out it turning black,on the web?


If I am interested in buying one of these laptops for myself, how can i buy one?


I bought a laptop (and donated one) and have NEVER gotten mine to work.

It doesn't sing on to our wireless system and is faulty. While I believe in helping all, this is really upsetting that my 9 year old (we've had it a year), has NEVER gotten this _____ to work.

How do I update fix the software? Where can I send this ?

I am at wits end. There is litterally no help on this. We recieved NO guide or anything.

PS we give to all kinds of charities and donate our time and money. This has been the least productive. If the one I bought for someone workls as porrly as this one...

help ticket entered at

organizational structure

Why is it necessary to have a natch between the goods and services an organization is providing and the organizational structure?