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Note: This page is obsolete. In 8.2 and new joyride builds there is a graphical updater.

As of release 8.1.0 (also known as "Update.1"), OLPC builds separate operating system updates from activity updates, which may initially give the appearance of activities disappearing. The customization key process facilitates installation of an Activity pack (a collection of activities) from a USB flash drive; also Bert Freudenberg has written a script to install a default set of activities over the Internet:

Getting the activities back is then as simple as:

  • Start the console by pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Mesh key f1 small.png keys.
  • Press enter
  • Enter the following commands:
su - olpc
  • Return to Sugar by pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Home key f3 small.png keys, and the frame should show the extra activities.

For Joyride and development builds

For Joyride development builds, try this version of the script:

It is the same script except it fetches activities from the joyride repository, not the update.1 repository.

In development builds leading to the upcoming (as of August 2008) 8.2.0 release, you can install a default set of activities over the Internet from the graphical Sugar Control Panel.

Reusing downloads

As of 2008-07-02 this sequence costs 15Mb of downloads for the stable activities, and results in 38Mb of space used. To copy to another laptop without having to download again, copy the /home/olpc/Activities directory.


The scripts are maintained in git:;a=summary

To contribute, clone the repository and send patches to Bert:

git clone git://

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