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I had today a most excellent talk with Dr. José M. Vargas Bozo, also Bolivian, who has been very active among Bolivian MDs in the US and within Rotary International, as well as several international campaigns. One of his recent initiatives is "Less Orphans for Bolivia", which focuses on helping mothers stay healthier, so that their children do not become orphans. 1 in 35 mothers dies during childbirth in Bolivia, highest rate in the Americas except Haiti. I have requested Dr. Vargas-Bozo advice on this project.

Yamaplos 06:23, 9 December 2008 (UTC)

Research Team

Amanda Lilley, Chloe Feinberg, Matthew Karlesky, and Vid Nukala are second year master's candidates at the Elliott School of International Affairs at the George Washington University pursuing a degree in International Science and Technology Policy. They are participating in a capstone course in Spring '09 which requires them to work with an organization and conduct a study based on their needs and our areas of interest. This research team hopes to study the diffusion of health technologies and innovations in the context of international development.

They are interested in conducting a research study or needs assessment, especially one that is focused on the innovative use of technology as a mechanism for disseminating health information and engaging local communities in health education programs.

OLE Bolivia

Yama Ploskonka, OLE, Inc. designated agent for Bolivia and Chile coordinates with the research team specific ways their skills can be put to use, logistics, and with other professionals and possible stakeholders.


Seth Woodworth coordinates with the Health team in the OLPC community.


  • develop Health Education materials suitable for Sugar users
    • Find a specific focus (maternal health has been suggested)
    • design usable tools (software, content, delivery methods)
  • field test them in Bolivia
    • among health workers
    • among students of Education

To Do

(no particular order)

  • develop partnerships with stakeholders
    • Bolivian Ministry of Health
    • Bolivian Ministry of Education and Cultures
    • Government of the City of La Paz, Human Development Department
  • funding
    • Grant support letters (Yama, Seth)
  • develop Health Education materials
    • according to actual needs in the Bolivian educational system/curricula
    • Using current Sugar Activities and tools
    • See if a specific new Activity package would be needed


Caduceus XO

"Many people consider the day their child was born the happiest day in their life. In the world's wealthier countries, that is. In poorer countries, the day a child born is all too often the day its mother dies. In high-fertility countries in sub-Saharan Africa, women have a one in 16 chance of dying in childbirth. In low-fertility countries in Europe, this number is one in 2,000 and in North America it's one in 3,500."


"At least 20% of the burden of disease in children below the age of 5 is related to poor maternal health and nutrition..."


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