Building an SPI image for olpcflash

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(This recipe is from Richard Smith.)

Note - this text is now obsolete as the buildrom builds the SPI ROM image by default. Please visit Building LinuxBIOS for full instructions.

  • Git buildrom
  • Update the linuxbios version in ./packages/linuxbios/ to be >= 2373 2374
  • Remove .configured and .unpacked_* in ./work/linuxbios/stamps
  • Edit your ./ to change the LinuxBIOS config file.
  • Run 'make linuxbios-clean'
    If this is a fresh install you may get an error here. No worries.
  • Run 'make'

In ./deploy you should now have a linuxbios.rom file that is 983,040 bytes.

Programming the SPI FLASH