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This page was created by a member of the free volunteer community supporting OLPC.

What is the price of an XO?

About 213$ Total(2012)= 164€. We can only give an approximative price. These XO's are made in Taiwan and all info is expressed in USA $. With the differences in exchange rate, I can only give a directive price. On top of that, I struggle with an eventual additional cost to be taken into account for compensating the organization that will take he final responsability. I mean, we can't leave a container with 6.000 XO's with an open door standing somewhere at the Custom's in Brussels International Shipping Area and have them being disturbed every so many hours by a flok of people that want to come take some XO's out of that container. Someone has to reception the people at the entrance and then go get them out of the container.--SvenAERTS 17:17, 10 June 2012 (UTC)

  1. 213$ Total(2012)= 164€
    1. = 209$ Cost FOB(2012)
    2. + 4$ Cost Freight/XO (2012)
  2. xxx$ Duties and Taxes
  3. 20 foot container holds 3.000 pieces = 10 pallets of XO's. Gross Weight: 5,750 KG. Units come in boxes of 5 laptops each.

40 foot container holds 6.000 pieces of XO's. This info comes from Cost Price and shipping volumes 20 foot container and 40 foot container

Where can I add my name to the list? Where is the list? BRUSSELS HARBOR GROUP ORDER LIST CANDIDATE BUYERS OF AN XO LAPTOP

Where can I add my name to the list? Where is the list? Click here: BRUSSELS HARBOR GROUP ORDER LIST CANDIDATE BUYERS OF AN XO LAPTOP

Intro Grouped Order of Laptops

It all sounds easy to place a grouped order of a 40 foot container with 6.000 XO laptops, untill you start thinking and try organizing things. A number of conditions have to come together for a grouped order:

  1. Whatever you do, start by making a list with candidate buyers as OLPC gets so many calls inspite of them telling to everybody: you cannot buy an XO as an individual! ONLY Ministers of Education can place orders. There is soo little staff and volunteers one can count upon, and soo many Ministries of Education that call OLPC and there are soo many countries where there are 100% of the kids that have an XO laptop and need following-up, and so many serious XO-trial roll outs underway, that OLPC cannot address individuals that want to buy 1 order. Organise yourself and order MINIMUM a 40' foot container = 6.000 XO laptops.
  2. It must be found out what is a minimum order OLPC will accept at what cost price and shipping conditions. SvenAERTS thinks he found the answer:
    1. Minimum Order: the group order is minimum one 40 foot container, containing 6.000 XO laptops
    2. Cost price
    3. Shipping conditions: OLPC ships FOB Taiwan where the XO's are assembled.
  3. An organisation must be found that
    1. takes final responsability,
    2. the initiative to write the conditions for the order, e.g. where the container will be sent to and where the people can come collect their XO. Shipping companies who own the container that will be used to ship the 6.000 XO's, allow the container to stay for about 4 days on 1 site, where you can allow people to come collect their XO. During these 4 days, the group makes sure someone is on site to allow people to come collect their XO.
  4. People must list the number of XO's they want to order and their contact details
  5. Once the number of 6.000 candidate buyers is attaigned, the group will take the initiative to open an bank account number to gather all the money from the candidate buyers. The payment details serve as signature.
  6. The request for an order is sent to OLPC and after approval the money is transferred. If the order is not honored by OLPC, the organisation will communicate this to the candidate buyers and eventually return their money or look to fulfill the additional conditions imposed by OLPC.

Why can't I order an XO at OLPC directly?

OLPC is a registered not for profit supporting an Open Community Project, aligning with MDG2. It thrives on the free energy, competences, etc. that individuals and organizations from all over the planet can make available for this purpose. In the earlier years, the not for profit OLPC had just the combination of paid staff and volunteers that could manage to explain the value of the XO in attaigning MDG2 along Agenda21 to people and especially the Ministers of Education and alike of developing countries where the XO's are to add most value in kids and families'lives. There were no resources to pick up phonecalls from people asking if they could buy one laptop and deal with the whole customer aftersales people would expect. Anno 2011, now that a couple of countries have a 100% roll out of XO's with all their kids, the team at OLPC that is dealing with orders and shipping and organisation seem ready to accept orders of ORGANIZED individuals that group themselves and place 1 GROUP ORDER of immediately and minimum 1 container of XO's. A 20 foot container contains 3.000 XO laptops and a 40' container 6.000.


Herewith the options to get an XO:

  • If you are an organisation that needs them for demo, you can borrow a limited number at OLPC Europe. OLPC Europe has a stock of betwee 50 to 100 XO's. An organization can also buy one at 250€. An individual CANNOT buy them as OLPC considers you are disturbing and distracting their limited staff and volunteers from their primary mission: negotiating with
  • Move to another country where there is 100% XO deployment. However much you may regret not being able to order an XO for your own school or kids, rather consider moving to anohter country where citizens did elect a government that agrees that XO's for ALL their kids are a thing to go for, than to start distracting the OLPC dpt that deals with shipping and orders !
  • Build capacity around OLPC, MDG2 and Agenda21, in such a way that you can convince the minister of education in your country to buy XO's for all kids in your country. If the minister doesn't want to do that and if you cannot move to another country where there is 100% XO deployment, you will have to organize yourself and build capacity untill you can convince the minister or put your minister of education in place who will place the
  • GROUPED ORDER: Make a binding list with people and organisation that engage themselves to order - together - at least 1 container load of XO laptops. A 20 foot container contains 3.000 XO laptops and a 40' container 6.000.

--SvenAERTS 15:13, 10 June 2012 (UTC)

When will the order be placed? When can I come collect my XO?

As soon as enough people enlisted themselves on the list Belgium Grouped Order of Laptops and together they reach over 6.000 XO's, only then OLPC will be contacted. OLPC doesn't accept to be disturbed by individuals. Without a list making it probably one can order 6.000 XO's don't bother to disturb them. You will make them very very mad as they will consider you distract their personnel and volunteers from their mission: negotiating with Ministers of Education, implementing XO deployments in countries where these Ministers did pass an order, research and develop the XO,... !--SvenAERTS 17:36, 10 June 2012 (UTC)

Why Brussels?

We hope to attaign not only people living in Belgium, but rather in a larger region around Brussels: Paris, Köln, London, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp are within an hour or two of Brussels by High Speed Train. Brussels is the Capital Region for certainly Western Europe if not the EU-25. Brussels is a central point for a densily populated region around it and in a region referred to as the Blue Banana. The Blue Banana holds about 70% of the muscle power of Western Europe and stretches from the Par of Ireland, West Midlands, London, Antwerp and the Schelde River and Albert Channel (used to rebuild Western Europe after the second World War, Rotterdam, the Rhine River, following the Rhine, over the Grand Duché of Luxembourg, Switserland and curving down to North Italy. Further Brussels has a seaharbor, customs transit zone, so the container can be unloaded there. Brussels is easy to reach by car, high speed train, possibly people can combine it with a visit to this UNESCO World Heritage town or an EU or High Level event that's relevant to them, e.g. GreenWeek, the EU Sustainable Development Days, the EU Sustainable Energy Week.--SvenAERTS 17:17, 10 June 2012 (UTC)

What organisation takes up final responsability?

    1. to pay OLPC
    2. to find out the right party to unload the container from the shp and pay them
    3. to find out the right party where people can come and pick up their XO from the container?
    4. Not found yet. Candidates to be contacted:
      1. the not for profit from where spin-out the ?