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Due to Mel's increasingly crazy travel schedule, the Cambridge repair center is closed; please contact the Olin repair center for Boston-area repairs.

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Cambridge Repair Center

AKA Mel's BBQ and Nail Salon what?


This is a Repair center beta test run by Mel Chua. This repair center is operating out of 1cc (in the evenings, during Mel's "copious amounts" of spare time) until June 17. The goal of the Cambridge Repair Center is not to produce the highest number of XOs fixed, but to produce high-quality Repair Center related documentation and tools as part of the repair process.


  • to serve as a pilot repair center, testing new ideas for other repair centers
  • to create useful documentation on XO repairs
  • to help with the development of a Field Repair Guide
  • to help repair laptops for 1CC
  • to give Mel a chance to play with hardware for a while
  • to have fun


Tools we have

  • a Leatherman
  • a set of inexpensive plastic screwdrivers from the MIT Lincoln Lab's "free giveaway" booth

We realize this is a very small toolset. It's going to be an interesting challenge seeing what repairs can be made with a very minimalist toolset... since schools in rural Peru are unlikely to have a full matsci/electronics lab at their disposal.


  • 3 DOA XOs
    • CSN74701428 borrowed by Nicholas Bodley for design review and manual writing
    • 1 keyboard claimed by XO with ripped membrane in IL (en route)
    • 1 screen swapped out for a broken display at Yale - may still be working; need to test
  • 3 RMA'd XOs
    • 1 sticky keyboard
    • 1 broken trackpad
    • 1 nonfunctional keyboard
  • 6 AC wall-wart chargers
  • 6 batteries


Mel will accept food and manicures as thank-you compensation for fixing bricked XOs (she prefers food, though).