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Cartoon Builder: Lesson 4

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Lesson Plan 4: Add Your Own Backgrounds to Cartoon Builder


Use the Paint or Camera activity on your XO to make your own original background images for your cartoon.

Make a background picture with Paint:

1. Open the Paint or Camera activity from the Home screen of your XO.

2. With Paint, draw a scene (place where the character can be) such as a school room or a field or the edge of a river.

3. With Camera, take a photo of a place, such as school or your house.

4. Save the picture with a name you will remember like “background1”

Add your background to the Cartoon Builder:

5. From the Home screen of your XO, click on the Mama Media icon.

6. Open the Cartoon Builder activity from the MaMaMedia Activity Center.

7. Click on the “My Background” button and find your picture called “background1” in the list of files that appears. Click on it and then click the “Open” button.

8. Your “background1” picture will load into the Cartoon Builder

9. Choose a character and place it in your background. Add sound and save it.

10. Show it to your friends and classmates, and tell them how you did it Help others to create their own background pictures.