Chicago area bulk purchase

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Chicagoland Bulk XO Purchase

The Illinois Math and Science Academy Chapter is organizing a bulk XO purchase. We are interested in starting some after school and or summer programs through our Kids Institute department, and are looking to purchase 15-20 computers.

With this said, the only way to purchase XOs is through the give many program, and the minimum is 100. While there are others within the IMSA community that are interested, we simply do not have enough to purchase 100. If you are interested in helping us reach out goal as well as fulfilling your own, please e-mail me with an estimated number and a short description of the intended use.

How Much?

The XOs, when ordered in orders of 100, are $300 a piece.

I am interested, now what?

Please contact Kevin and let him know how many you are interested in and your intended use for the XOs. Once he has gathered enough interest, he will contact all that have expressed interest with more information.