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XO Caudecus

Introduction and goals

We are editing and updating the copyright-free storybooks from the UNESCO FRESH (Focusing Resources on Effective School Health) campaign to be more teacher-friendly and in a format that's better distributed on the XO and other laptops. As posted, the books are formated to be printed and folded into booklets, this makes them look out of order on screen.

There are other good materials like this out there, and a number of places that have already spent time to gather links to them, and sometimes the content itself. These were first found re-posted on the Child-to-child web-site and then traced back to UNESCO.

How to help

For each book, we need to...

  1. Convert the pdf to a text-editable wikipage (one subsection per page) - please link to that page from here!
  2. Reorder the pages so that they're in sequence
  3. Edit the book
    1. Edit the text of the book's story
    2. Edit the teacher's notes and expand into a full classroom activity
  4. Create (or recover) illustrations for various pages of the stories and link to them at the top of the subsection of the corresponding page
  5. Reprint the page as an attractive PDF (automatically if possible) or another format that's made for easy reading on the XO

When all books are complete, we should make them into a content bundle.

The homepage for these stories also contains an entire set of sub-pages linked down the right-hand side that essentially represent a teacher's guide to using these stories in the classroom. This has some great information and it should be collected/reformated to package up with the stories themselves to make the bundle as classroom-ready as possible.


0 - Scraping/formating teacher's guide materials from the right hand bar of the UNESCO homepage for these books.

1 - Filthy the Fly ...and why he fears children.

1 - Wally the Worm Wally the roundworm and his friends and relations.

1 - Dirty Water How water is polluted. Where and how to get clean water.

1 - The Song Competition ... and why you need to treat lice; not pretend you do not have them.

1 - The Market Dentist ... and what happens if you don’t look after your teeth properly.

1 - The Hare's revenge How to keep wells clean. What makes them dirty and dangerous.

1 - Old chicken eyes How a hyena started eating vegetables and why hares have long ears.

1 - Uncle George feeds his baby ... and how, in the end, he listened to the messages the children about good feeding which the children brought home from school.

0 - How Newport School got greener ... thanks to help from some children and their parents.

1 - I had a flower Water for life.

1 - Not just a cold … and how Andrew saved the life of his baby sister because he knew ‘the signs’.

1 - Abdul and Seri How children with diarrhoea need liquid even though some traditions recommend the opposite.

0 - Soonam is hungry What happens when she bites you. What to do then and how to stop her from spreading malaria ...

1 - The Lion has fever ... and how the clever partridges saved his life by keeping him cool and giving him the right drinks.

1 - The Killers' Committee And why Mr. Polio and his friends fear the older children who tell everyone about immunisation.

1 - Sam and Dina How Sam looked after his little sister. Links child stimulation with safety.

1 - Bad Medicine ... and why you should never monkey around with drugs without asking a health worker.

1 - Cricket Land ... and why playing too near the road could make you OUT for life.

0 - The Invisible Poacher ... and how knowing and believing the real facts about how HIV/AIDS is spread will help those who have lost their parents grow up strong and safe.

0 - The Prince who smelled smoky ... and why it isn’t really cool to start puffing without thinking first.

0 - Fatima Gregoire and the others Learning the real truth about HIV/AIDS from someone who has the virus himself and has learned to think positively.

1 - The Mango minders Everyone does something well. Everyone helps.

0 - The Day the Earth Shook And how the children helped each other and the whole community after it had happened.

0 - Half size Health Workers ... and how a young man they called ‘the Beard’ helped some twelve year old ‘freedom fighters for health’ show the adults how to promote their rights.

0 - The little girl on the step ... and how Julio and Marta made friends with her and made sure she did well at school before she even got there!

1 - Basim and Blog The story of a family moving into a new house and cleaning it up. No place to hide - an upside down story.


It might be a good idea to consider a simple HTML format and to consider including these within the framework of the XO Health portal bundle being developed.