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  This page is part of the OLPC Health Project. Hardware | Software | Content | Health Jam
XO Caudecus

Adapting Existing Software

If you are familiar with either of the below software and would like to contribute your opinion/experience, please comment on the talk page.

  • WorldVistA is being worked on for use with the XO and school infrastructure
    • VistA is a GPLed version of the Veterans Administration hospital software
  • OpenMRS is a Medical Records database that could be adapted for use with the XO + School server [1]
  • GNUmed is a Medical records application that could be adapted for the X0

Software written for OLPC / Sugar

Some other ideas for projects:

  • Health education lesson building
    See this analysis of a particular approach for How to teach caring for your senses.

  • TeleHealth Parameterization Activity
    • Pictograph based multiple-choice questions
    • "click where it hurts..."
    • Parameterize medical/health information into machine parseable xml
    • APL for data acquisition and analysis
    • GUI Mockup