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Welcome Classroom 2.0 XO User Group!

Introduce your XO selves here.

Add information you think we'll want to discuss below. Hi, I'm Debbie Mueller. If any of you XO'ers are unable to browse the web, though your XO has successfully connected to your router, you may need to upgrade your router. Mine is an ActionTec, which I've owned for almost four years -- since its upgrade, it's now XO-capable, and browsing is possible. I'll be using my XO in an elementary school setting. Our 3rd - 6th grade Technology students chipped in their own funds to Give 1 Get 1 and they'll be excited to use it. I'm hoping to be able to figure out how to use it with an LCD projector -- has anyone tried this yet? Keep me posted. Thanks, Debbie.


My OLPC was delivered on December 19th.

Mine also arrived on the 19th. I've only had a few minutes with it so far, but have managed to get online and do a little writing. : Mark 14:07, 20 December 2007 (EST)

Mine's here! Not sure when it arrived as I was out of town, but I'm having fun trying to figure it out. Haven't gotten online yet... Jane 20 December 2007

2/5/08 Mine was donated by a G1G1  donnor for a special Ed student I have. Brought it home this weekend to download software! I am writing about it on my wiki page

Blogging about the experience? Here's my post, add others? Jane


Meetups a happinin'! Hi Gang: My local Eugene, OR group is meeting next week and I'm starting to think about what we might want to accomplish. Have you meshed with another XO (and user) yet? I'm curious: What would you want to do in a f2f meeting? I'll blog to the group with your and my ideas, please send them along.

US Schools: Strategies for adoption

In order to make headway for XO adoption in K-12 schools in the United States, applicability to "No Child Left Behind" is an essential first step. While pilot programs and benefits to student learning and classroom instruction are important, in some real sense these are corollaries to what matters most to the bottom line of school districts: the federally mandated "No Child Left Behind" program.

Please expand on this section with your ideas of how advocates of OLPC can speak in the language of school district administrators, boards, and faculty members regarding their school objectives. How would the OLPC improve school test scores? How could OLPC improve "scientifically based research" in the classroom?

Peer-reviewed educational content to implement in your classroom

  • We love to learn: Einstein.School 2.0 The interactive schoolbook that you can edit, update and improve. It makes passion the primary tool for learning.

This peer-reviewed [1] [2] educational content [3]is written under an open license [4] and gives everyone the freedom to use or modify the material to suit his or her own needs.