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Classroom Presenter is an adaptation of the original Classroom Presenter (developed at the University of Washington, built to run on the Windows platform, and designed for the Tablet PC). Similar to the original, this Sugar activity allows an instructor to load a slide show presentation and share it with students via Sugar's 'shared activity' framework. Students who join the activity will automatically receive a copy of the slide show and will follow along as the instructor navigates through the slides. Students can also add ink to the slides and then submit their work back to the instructor, who may then review submissions and rebroadcast them to the students for further discussion.

This software was created by four undergraduate University of Washington Computer Science & Engineering students (Brian Mayton, Kris Plunkett, Mathias Klous, and William Burnside) as part of a "Technology for Developing Nations" capstone course. Brian, Kris, and Mathias are providing continued development, maintenance, and support through at least December '08.


Screen Shots

Opening Page of Activity
View of ink capabilities

Getting Classroom Presenter

See the downloads page for the most recent release, as well as for access to the source code. Free example slide decks are available there as well. Instructions for slide deck creation can be found here.

Activity Summary

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Development status: Devel status::4. Beta