Comic Maker

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OlpcProject.png Avallain, Teshkeel
see also Cartoon Builder

The Comic Maker activity is being developed by Avallain Basic Skills, with input from publisher Teshkeel.

you can expierience anything it is awesome

pygame version

The pygame version is unfinished, but you can already experiment with the most features.


  • show balloon tab only if balloon selected (.set_sensitive())
  • if resuming from journal when activity is running, activity is not loading correct document
  • selection lists with captions... (does it really make sense? should be self explantory enough)
  • help button above selection lists with popup window containing help text (help ok? window ok?)
  • do proper layout of the interface
  • add suport for selecting actors behind another actor
  • rewrite balloon render code
  • maybe toolbar for selection modes

future improvements

  • flip actors
  • performance improvements
  • add support for rotated view
  • full screen view
  • in balloon text editing
  • font color/size support for balloons
  • svg actors


  • add/ reorder/ delete stages
  • set background of stage fields
  • add/ order/ scale/ delete actors
  • add/ edit/ order/ delete balloons
  • journal support
  • change size and angle of balloon arrows


screenshot of interface

javascript version

You can see the source here and run it on your XO.

  • Status: needs to be bundled more cleanly as an activity; currently a content bundle running in Javascript.
  • Source: zip and xol
    Preview: comicmaker online