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This is the main organizational page for the OLPC art community. The purpose of this community is to provide programmers, game developers, and everyone else within the OLPC community with quality artwork that maintains a standard of coherence (that is, art done by various individuals should transition smoothly between applications or parts of applications).

Where to Start

Haven't been here before?

Where should I go first?

  • OLPC Human Interface Guidelines, as the guidelines cover both the theoretical and implemented human interface standards for the project (this is a great way to familiarize yourself with the basics of the Sugar UI).
  • Creative Commons licenses, since we want all of the artwork involved in the project to be publicly available. This is an open source kind of project, after all!
  • Licensing, which covers the preferred licensing for various types of content ("Should I copyright this image/music/code/whatever? If not, what should I do?")

Where else should I go?


  • Art Wanted (add this to your watchlist to be updated on new projects)


Art sharing space

Other handy pages

Dealing with images

OLPC project images should be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons or to the OLPC wiki. For help setting up a Wikimedia gallery, check the Wikimedia upload tutorial.


Want to propose a project? Find an artist to work on a project? Find a project to be an artist for? Go to the Art Wanted page and sign up!

Want something a little less specific? If you don't want to (or can't) commit to an individual project, you can still be helpful. Check out the Ongoing Community Art Projects page to find projects that everyone can contribute to, no strings attached.


This is where we will keep all our tutorials! Tutorials should be written not by one person, but by the community as a whole. Keeping this goal in mind, we all need to agree to respect certain boundaries - differences of opinion or technique do not warrant deletion or 'correction'. Since there are a lot of different ways to do things, it's much more educational for people to each contribute their own ideas, so that readers can read a tutorial on, say, icon creation, and learn not one, but several effective methods for each part of the process and be able to choose between them.

Question and Answer

Want to know something? Can't find it in the tutorials? Check out the Art FAQ!


This community is currently being organized and maintained by Nikki. This is not a dictatorship, nor is it necessarily permanent. Feel free to give us suggestions, ideas, complaints, and any other kind of feedback! It's important that this community function as a group of people with a common goal, not as a group of people resentfully doing what we tell them to.