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A shared community database will contain information on community members, projects, related organizations and initiatives, and structured data related to much of the material on this wiki. The intent is for the db to be closely tied to the wiki, so that db updates push changes to the wiki.


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design goals

Some design goals for the project follow.

contributors' project descriptions and XO requests

See the contributors program : these updates should come through a web interface that encourages people to provide the needed fields, encourages them to create an update a personal profile, and posts the resulting projet description in appropriate ways to the wiki.


db updates should update the wiki automatically most of the time, via a bot. they type of update will vary with the type of change; new submissions of entire records should post to the wiki. changes and tweaks may just post a note that something has changed, needing merging by hand.

Wiki updates should likewise inform the db; without automatic updates.

The db will contain information and provide exports requiring stricter access control than the wiki.

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