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This is the main page for Community testing meeting minutes held in 2008-2009. We usually hold meetings on IRC, in on the #olpc-meeting channel at Thursdays at 2300UTC. Meetings were hosted by Mchua and last for an hour.

Meeting minutes

If a meeting listed here has not yet occurred, the link is to that meeting's agenda.


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Future agenda items

See /Agenda queue for topics we should consider for future meeting agendas. Please add your own ideas!

How to add a meeting

Here's a button to create a test meeting wikipage with the right title convention that's prefilled from this template. <inputbox> type=create preload=Template:New community testing meeting buttonlabel=Create a new page for a Test group meeting default=Community testing meetings/2022-05-25 width=40 bgcolor=#f0f0ff </inputbox>

After this, you may want to...

  1. Announce your meeting on the testing mailing list
  2. Hold your meeting - Meetbot may be a useful tool
  3. Post notes to the meeting's wikipage and email the testing mailing list the meeting's URL again, reminding people to look at meeting notes