Community todos

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In general

  • Blog daily about ideas, needs, strategies, & successes.
  • Create separate wiki pages for ideas and provide enough information so that volunteers and others can get involved.
  • Follow through on commitments made to others, specifically, if you tell someone that you will find something for them, email them asap with a status report or that something.

Building sustainable communities

Entry points for new participants

  • When people ask how they can participate, provide a system that allows them to, quickly and effectively.
    Time: find ways to get involved for five minutes or five hours.
    Skills/Needs: help match skills to activities where skills are needed.
    Place: help people connect within a geographic location, or in person; through large events or small meetups
  • Prioritize: work on todo lists, use cases, milestones by project
  • see also: Participate

Cluster communication

  • IRC channels, mailing lists, AIM, Talk pages, Discussion threads: ways to connect around specific projects; suggest where to go to find a responsive audience by topic and theme
  • Welcome newcomers; be nice.
  • Report on successes (daily, on-wiki)
  • Thanks, congratulations


  • Capture beauty where it is found, and organize it.