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This page contains up-to-date information about content (and content-related features) that are being finalized for T3. Relevant dates: feature freeze 2007-08-13, code freeze 2007-98-27.


Content Features for T3
Feature Trac # Status Notes
on download (or copy from flash drive), .xol file automatically unzips into /home/olpc/Library 2698
on new .xol unzip, runs to update library nav bar 2924; 2923
static sidebar.html replaced with js version 2789
install-from-journal feature works for Activities 2715 completed
install-from-journal feature works for content bundles 2856
(dodge ball in a box) what content goes in the boxes? any paper?
webserver on XO 1267 mikmik, atlas, other browse clones

see also: standing request to archive partners (central form-based submission)

Content Bundles

Content Bundles for T3
Bundle Name Subcategory Core / School Server Bundle tested? Localized? .xol URL Notes

Books.png books & reference

International Children's Digital Library children's books C Y N icdl.xol
Wikipedia encyclopedia C Y N wp.xol
Literature literature C Y N literature.xol

Science.png math & science

Biology biology C Y N biology.xol

Images.png images & maps

Nature nature C Y N photos.xol
Atlas atlas C Y N atlas.xol
World Digital Library history C Y N wdl.xol

Music.png music & video

Audio & Video media C N N
Music music ? Y N music.xol
Music One music ? Y N musicone.xol

Activities.png activities & games

Games activities C N N games.xol

Links.png web links

Links search the web C N N links.xol

Uniwiki.png wniwiki

Health water & sanitation C N N

Additional Activities

Additional Activities (SS) for T3
Activity Name (dir name) Core / School Server / Web .xo URL Notes
Our Stories ? git-repo Our Stories recording app.
MaMaMedia Activity Center SS Menu Page for MaMaMedia activity suite. See MaMaMedia Activity Center for more information.
Teacher Center SS More 'traditional' resources for teachers exploring the XO/MaMaMedia Activity Center in-class. See MaMaMedia Teacher Center for more information.
Cartoon Builder SS Create cell animations. See Cartoon Builder for more information.
Story Builder ? Graphical story constructor with a variety of characters and backgrounds and simple word-processing capabilities for writing and sharing via mesh. At present, can only be launched from developer console. See Story Builder for more information.
Slider Puzzle SS Slider Puzzle to improve on puzzle solving skills. See Slider Puzzle] for more information.
Poll Builder SS Simple poll tool that allows children to express their opinions on a given topic. See Poll Activity for more information.


For T3, the emphasis is on quality rather than quantity, and on those few features listed at the top. For FRS, there is a much greater emphasis on quantity.