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The Content guidelines are part of the Human Interface Guidelines focusing on content and targeting the authors and publishers creating or porting content and tools for the laptop and its audience. The guidelines cover how to create materials that are easy for children and low-literacy audiences to understand, internationalized for easy localization.

To Do

Educational Activity Guidelines

This document is a work in progress. Terminology has not yet been finalized. Unfinalized terms are in brackets like [this].


Who Should Read This Document

How to Read This Document

Providing Feedback

Core Ideas

Design Fundamentals

Know Your Audience

Inexperienced, young, sometimes illiterate, international, curious.

Key Design Principles

The Laptop Experience

Activities and library modules

The XO comes with several pre-installed Activities. Others can be downloaded and installed. OLPC is particularly interested in activities, lessons, and curricula that make use of these applications.

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