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* ASIDE/CLARIF: XO-1.75 prototype laptops will not be the core focus
  of today's meeting, as they are being distributed privately on a
  case-by-case and ongoing basis, with a few weeks delay typically,
  sometimes more.  Thanks to all serious software/hardware
  developers for applying here!

* XO-1.5 production machines available:

* New projects & libraries -- teaching them Community Outreach:

* Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring below?!

* Fast Review of the 5 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals -- please
  join us advocating for, and/or reviewing shortcomings of these proposals:

 #1 OLPC Sarbhan - Gujarat, India
 #2 Catalyst for Hope - Kandiyapita Kanishta, Sri Lanka
 #3 The Haiti Empowerment Project - Ohio State Univ
 #4 NYSAIS OLPC Initiative - New York
 #5 XO to Aid Teaching of English/Literacy Skills - Eshibinga, Kenya


<NtugiMark> Yay Aaron!
<aarongrill> Hi there!
<NtugiMark> people LOVE that pic of you
<NtugiMark> it makes everybody smile
<carolruthsilver> Hi y'all.  Am I in the right place now? Sorry to be your favorite luddite but I need a bit of confirmation help.
<NtugiMark> yes
<NtugiMark> you are here!
<NtugiMark> I'm not sure where Adam is…he is logged on so I assume he is imminent
<NtugiMark> so in the meantime we can chat amongst ourselves ;)
<kevix> people can be 'on' IRC but not really be near a computer
<aarongrill> Hi Mark, it was great meeting you last weekend
<carolruthsilver> Thanks.
<NtugiMark> it was
<NtugiMark> I am glad you are staying involved
<NtugiMark> I was on IRC with Simon, our intern, and Leparua all morning
<kevix> are there going to be more videos besides charbax?
<NtugiMark> and a 2 hr IRC last night with Godfrey and SImon, just getting updates etc.
<NtugiMark> Bill shot vid too, I did not, only pics which I'll upload tomorrow
<NtugiMark> busy with the Toronto FOSS conference today
<NtugiMark> Kevin Gordon and I are out there this aft talking about our work in Kenya as a 'real world' application of open source
<NtugiMark> btw, two interesting bits:
<kevix> col
<kevix> cool
<NtugiMark> "Just as significantly, Africa has been going gangbusters -- though you probably haven't noticed, since the whole region of 49 countries still has a combined economy smaller than the state of Texas. Yet within the club of economies that doubled in size were no less than eight from sub-Saharan Africa, the region traditionally written off as a hopeless economic backwater. Indeed, that region took 17 of the top 40 spots in the deca
<NtugiMark> global GDP growth rankings; its GDP is 66 percent larger than it was in 2000. Populations have expanded there, too, by around 28 percent over the decade -- but even accounting for more people, the average income in the region is about a third higher than it was 10 years ago."
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<NtugiMark> also:
<sandrat> just joined.
<NtugiMark> In a world where many wealthier countries still don’t make government data easily accessible and usable by the public, Kenya and Moldova are on the cutting edge.
<NtugiMark> In the last six months, the two countries have bucked a history or perception of obfuscation to launch open data websites – where budget and census information, for example, is easily visualized and downloaded.
<NtugiMark> hey, Sandra…you just missed a link that would interest you:
<carolruthsilver> Thanks Mark, really amazing.
<NtugiMark> anyway, aarongrill, the Principal and several teachers from Leparua made the hike up the treacherous hill and, with the Cradlepoint up a tree, we started planning curriculum for Tux Math, and for the expansion of the program. One of the community elders, Wilson, was there too. There is a pressing need to expand from the 8 XO's they have. I'm going to try to get to 20 by spring and maybe 40 by end of year
<NtugiMark> Thanks, carolruthsilver. I am always frustrated that the only news we get in Canada, about Kenya, are bomb and pirates, not about the remarkable tech transformation going on there
<CanoeBerry> Agenda posted:
<NtugiMark> yay on the wiki?
<carolruthsilver> Your experience about Kenya is like mine on Afghanistan: I see great improvement, It is kind of like
<CanoeBerry> Shall we?
<carolruthsilver> but the press is all about bombs, etc.,
<CanoeBerry> Note I've dropped 2 proposals that were incomplete / inappropriate (Congo, Uganda).
<kevix> CanoeBerry: did you get an email about taking an xo to maker faire africa?
<aarongrill> Starting small and working up seems to be the consensus from the summit last week
<CanoeBerry> All are welcome to resubmit their proposals include an actual complete shipping address and a reasonable number of XOs (100 is not appropriate!)
<CanoeBerry> kevix: can u resend?
<NtugiMark> yes, aarongrill
<NtugiMark> our partners in Kenya understand this…and they must prove the need before expansion
<kevix> CanoeBerry: I met someone at Maker Faire (with Nick) and they wanted an XO to showcase at Maker Faire in Africa?
<sandrat> did you get the eshibinga proposal sent yesterday?
<CanoeBerry> Great, where/when is MF Africa?
<CanoeBerry> sandrat: do your reading plz.. see agenda above :)
<CanoeBerry> Let's begin, ok?
<kevix> CanoeBerry: oh, if they did not email you, then nevermind. I did not get a chance to get contact info.
<sandrat> I am here
<CanoeBerry> Oops my fault, Agenda link above needs fixing :)
<carolruthsilver> sorry, don't see agenda, how do I get it or can you post it here?
<aarongrill> I'm looking forward to presenting OLPC to a large group of k-12 school technologists in a couple weeks. I think I can get a group involved here soon. Hopefully I can get a couple XO loaners to motivate and show at the conference?
<CanoeBerry> AGENDA:

[ PROJECT #1 - OLPC Sarbhan - Gujarat, India ]

<CanoeBerry> Plz all help us review the 5 projects listed above!
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<CanoeBerry> Let's start review Project #1 in India.
<CanoeBerry> Thanks ALL for helping critique, mentor and vote for:
<CanoeBerry> OLPC Sarbhan - Gujarat, India
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 6 XOs over 7 months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     The goal of this project is to add a "social" aspect to the formal
<CanoeBerry>     education that the children are receiving in India.
<CanoeBerry>     Me and Meenal will start this OLPC project NOT by giving a laptop away
<CanoeBerry>     to each child BUT by having one laptop for a group of 5 children. Our
<CanoeBerry>     idea is to teach the kids how to --
<CanoeBerry>     1. Work in teams.
<CanoeBerry>     2. Teach themselves and teach others (hence develop communication and
<CanoeBerry>        leadership skills over time).
<CanoeBerry>     3. Manage time and resources.
<CanoeBerry>     One of the most unique things that we will be doing is sharing a weekly
<CanoeBerry>     "social responsibility" video with the kids. We will be posting videos
<CanoeBerry>     on Youtube as opposed to using Skype because live streaming in the
<CanoeBerry>     village may not be feasible because of low internet bandwidth. As of now
<CanoeBerry>     we plan on using the Flip video recorder
<CanoeBerry>     (, it is high definition and has a lot of
<CanoeBerry>     video capacity.
<CanoeBerry>     We will talk about topics ranging from female infanticide to democracy
<CanoeBerry>     to social entrepreneurship -- talk to them about how they can step 
<CanoeBerry> up and
<CanoeBerry>     use their education for the betterment of those around them.
<CanoeBerry> Wish Sameer was here, what does everyone else think of the above?
<NtugiMark> sounds reasonable, but they should use a camera that exports in NOT HD, but in SD, cause the upload from HD will kill their bandwidth and take forever
<CanoeBerry> Caryl has lots of insight into Gujarat, we need her too!
<CanoeBerry> Team looks serious..
<NtugiMark> At Ntugi we began with the 'social' use
<CanoeBerry> Do we have anybody live from the Cornell/India project to advocate/describe this work?
<NtugiMark> so I know that can work (using games first, and then Tux Math, and Memorize)
<CanoeBerry> And clarify if a US shipping address is possible please?
<Violet-Orange-05> kids in HIV/AIDS programs have shared important information using chat
<NtugiMark> It would be good to have their advocate or them at a contributors meeting so we can ask questions
<carolruthsilver> I wonder if the 5 per laptaop has been tried before?  I proposed 3 per for Karachi.
<CanoeBerry> 2 is being tried quite commonly as well.
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<NtugiMark> 5 is too many in the long run, but for a few months it will build interest…3 IS better
<CanoeBerry> craigperue at last, our hero :)
<NtugiMark> hey, craigperue
<CanoeBerry> prelim conclusions for this India project plz?
<craigperue> hey Aaron
<NtugiMark> tentative approval if they or their rep show up?
<CanoeBerry> craigperue: can you attend Sunday 10AM NY time, crystallizing our photo-book plan?
<carolruthsilver> prelim: try it with 7 (which is really 5 plus parts?)
<craigperue> sure Adam
<carolruthsilver> yes, they need to show up.
<NtugiMark> Who has the ticket?
<CanoeBerry> Caryl
<NtugiMark> My only concern is that a lot of this proposal involves video
<CanoeBerry> Let's give Caryl/Sameer final say here, with our recommendations.
<CanoeBerry> Right.
<CanoeBerry> +1 for giving Caryl/Sameer the final decision
<NtugiMark> and not the other potentials, and they don't seem quite aware of the challenges of bandwidth
<NtugiMark> would be nice to chat with them and advise/consent
<CanoeBerry> Yes.
<NtugiMark> +1 for same
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<NtugiMark> as above
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<carolruthsilver> +1 as above
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<aarongrill> i, sorry I'm here
<aarongrill> am I allowed to vote?
<NtugiMark> yes
<kevix> is the idea to put the video on youtube and the kids to watch the video on the XO on youtube?
<CanoeBerry> VERDICT: tentatively approved with Caryl Bigenho & Sameer Verma fine-tuning after speaking with the applicants.
<CanoeBerry> aarongrill: yes, all plz vote on all projects.
<NtugiMark> its pretty unclear

[ PROJECT #2 - Catalyst for Hope - Kandiyapita Kanishta, Sri Lanka ]

<CanoeBerry> let's move onto Project #2 now.
<CanoeBerry> Plz all critique/mentor/vote for Project #2 here:
<kevix> they'd need flash, and an XO-1.5 if that was the case, and decent internet
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<CanoeBerry> Catalyst for Hope - Kandiyapita Kanishta, Sri Lanka
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 10 XOs and indefinitely months
<CanoeBerry>     "We would like to donate $1000 for 5 laptops and seek 5 more laptops"
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     Objectives Kandiyapita Kanishta Vidyalaya School Project Background:
<CanoeBerry>     The Kandiyapita village area has elephant encounters from both the
<CanoeBerry>     Udawalawe National Park and the Boghapattiya Elephant Sanctuary.
<CanoeBerry> The students that attend the Kandiyapita school are the children of farmers
<CanoeBerry>     farming on the land adjacent to these elephant
<CanoeBerry>     habitats. The school serves students from Grades 1-9. This project
<CanoeBerry>     therefore aims to educate the future generation on the coexistence of
<CanoeBerry>     man and wildlife by meeting the needs of the Kandiyapita school whilst
<CanoeBerry>     supporting their community. Provision of running water, teaching
<CanoeBerry>     materials through laptops and books and development of a youth
<CanoeBerry>     leadership program, resources for experimenting with elephant-resistant
<CanoeBerry>     crops, and a sincere interest in the well-being of the students and
<CanoeBerry>     their families will ultimately solidify coexistence in future 
<CanoeBerry> generations.
<CanoeBerry> Project Objectives: Provide computing resources through donation of
<CanoeBerry>     laptops enabling Support of Science and Math Program Formation and
<CanoeBerry>     development of a 'Youth Leadership Program'
<CanoeBerry> Dr. Deepani Jayantha has
<CanoeBerry>     been in contact with the school Principal and the English teacher, and
<CanoeBerry>     they are eager to start the Youth Leadership Program as well. Data from
<CanoeBerry>     the investigative part of the project is in. The objectives of the
<CanoeBerry>     educational outreach component of the project for the initial phase is
<CanoeBerry>     to provide easy to use, robust laptops with proven software content such
<CanoeBerry>     as available on OLPC laptops. The staff and students are eager to step
<CanoeBerry>     into this never experienced mode of learning. Our goal is to educate and
<CanoeBerry>     equip the youth, the future leaders of their community, with a global
<CanoeBerry>     perspective on environmental issues starting and acting from their local
<CanoeBerry>     base, their community.
<CanoeBerry> The outcomes of this laptop program would be in
<CanoeBerry>     the short-term providing students that otherwise would have no access to
<CanoeBerry>     new ways of learning. Moreover, it would be achieving the long-term goal
<CanoeBerry>     of supporting this community and promoting ecologically sustainable
<CanoeBerry>     development and safeguarding the natural wild-elephant habitat whilst
<CanoeBerry>     simultaneously enabling humans to coexist in this environment. The
<CanoeBerry>     long-term outcome is to have a generation of future leaders that are
<CanoeBerry>     knowledgeable and educated of their role in the community and are
<CanoeBerry>     connected to outside resources and the global citizens. Technology such
<CanoeBerry>     as a laptop can provide a gateway to learning and communication. We are
<CanoeBerry>     welcome to your suggestions on presenting the above elaborated
<CanoeBerry>     objectives on our webpage.
<CanoeBerry> OK, sorry about that flood above! Reactions?
<NtugiMark> (who is kenyaconnect?)
<kenyaconnect> what are the plans there for power and/or connectivity
<CanoeBerry> kenyaconnect: are you SandraT?
<NtugiMark> Adam, what are their details around power and connectivity
<kenyaconnect> yes.  lost my channel on other browser
<NtugiMark> Sandra, you and I are thinking the same thing
<carolruthsilver> Agree with question; but also: what age group will get XO's?  5 for whole school is more in the hands of teachers than kids.
<NtugiMark> their proposal is ambitious, but not really OLPC centric…that's not critical, but what they are talking is big in scale
<carolruthsilver> but -- they are raising $, it sounds like -- so should be encouraged?
<kenyaconnect> this project needs narrowing down.. I agree with that
<kenyaconnect> but great environment for some interesting uses of XO tech
<carolruthsilver> They are also not on this chat, I believe. Did anyone talk to them?
<craigperue> imho, seems like just the kind of environment the XO was designed for
<NtugiMark> We are doing a small version of this at the Lewa Education Centre, where Memorize is being used to generate quizzes on Elephants and other conservation water-use land-use aspects, and moved around to the schools by USB key, so it can be done with a small set-up
<carolruthsilver> Or a representative?
<NtugiMark> Whoowns the ticket?
<CanoeBerry> is a lot of fun, and i mean that in the best possible way. However I'd like to hear directly from the applicants.
<CanoeBerry> This ticket/project needs a mentor.
<CanoeBerry> Sri Lankan or otherwise.
<CanoeBerry> In short: No owner for ticket yet..
<NtugiMark> Yeah, it is so hard to decide if no one speaks for them, and they don't speak for themselves
<CanoeBerry> Motion to put this project on hold until an advocate and mentor appear?
* Violet-Orange-05  Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
<NtugiMark> So approve tentatively andd have them shake it down with a mentor
<NtugiMark> yep
<carolruthsilver> No -- should approve subject to .
<kevix> who is here from a CP project?
* sandrat  Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
<carolruthsilver> Adam, did you talk to Dr. Jayantha?
<NtugiMark> if you don't have a better mentor I'd take this one
<NtugiMark> because of the overlap with the Lewa work
<kenyaconnect> good idea mark
<carolruthsilver> Excellent.
<CanoeBerry> Fantastic, as nobody has talked to Dr. Jayantha that I know of.
<NtugiMark> don't know the region, but it seems like they and our Lewa sponsors are on the same track
<CanoeBerry> OLPC has a real if uncertain community in Sri Lanka.
<CanoeBerry> There is potential to kick this part of the world into gear ;)
<kevix> will anyone from a contributers program project say 'hi'?
<NtugiMark> and they have a sprots thing too, which we have
<carolruthsilver> Share the elephant stuff anyway.
<NtugiMark> sports
<NtugiMark> lol
<NtugiMark> an elephant almost killed me
<NtugiMark> I hate them as much as cockroaches but shhhhhhh
<CanoeBerry> Shall we upgrade Project #2 to Tentative Approval?  I'll work w/ NtugiMark to fine-tune XO-count and possible donation to OLPC if so.
<carolruthsilver> Forgive and bless them.
<NtugiMark> don't tell the Kenyans!
<CanoeBerry> All plz vote.
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<NtugiMark> Indian Elephants are much nicer than their African cousins
<kenyaconnect> approve
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<aarongrill> approve
<carolruthsilver> +1 as said, with Mark approval.
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<NtugiMark> let me talk with them first
<NtugiMark> =! tentative
<NtugiMark> +1
<craigperue> +1
<CanoeBerry> TENTATIVELY APPROVED: after mentor NtugiMark (Battley) clarifies, and works with me to finalize an XO count, with a US shipping address *strongly* prefered.

[ PROJECT #3 - The Haiti Empowerment Project - Ohio State Univ ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #3:
<CanoeBerry> Plz all critique/mentor/vote for:
<NtugiMark> Adam, send me the ticket in an email after this pls
<CanoeBerry> The Haiti Empowerment Project - Ohio State Univ
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 1 XO over 12 months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     I will be working with deployments in Haiti, providing experience and
<CanoeBerry>     expertise to development of standards-based instructional materials
<CanoeBerry>     for the XO in primary schools in the area of mathematics and reading.
<CanoeBerry>     There are two primary areas of focus:
<CanoeBerry>     1. Teacher Education: Provide teachers with best practices using the
<CanoeBerry>        XO in their instruction.
<CanoeBerry>     2. Standards-based Activities: Develop, test, and implement
<CanoeBerry>        mathematics and reading lessons and activities.
<carolruthsilver> Its a no brainer. Approve.
<CanoeBerry> +1
<CanoeBerry> Terri's absolutely great.
<CanoeBerry> Barring Objections, let's approve and move on.
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice.
<kevix> indeed.
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED

[ PROJECT #4 - NYSAIS OLPC Initiative - New York ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #4..
<CanoeBerry> Plz all critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> NYSAIS OLPC Initiative - New York
<CanoeBerry>     Requests 2 XOs over 3-5 months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     I. Involve NYSAIS Students in fundraising initiatives for XO laptops,
<CanoeBerry>        Internet Connections and Power
<CanoeBerry>     II. Establishing relationships with a potential OLPC schools in 
<CanoeBerry> person (tech
<CanoeBerry>         liaisons, trips abroad, etc).
<CanoeBerry>     III. Deploy Laptops in OLPC schools
<CanoeBerry>     IV. Train OLPC teachers/leaders on XO use in the classroom
<CanoeBerry>     V. Developing curriculum and project guidelines for class interactions
<CanoeBerry>     VI. Students interacting via video conference for language learning 
<CanoeBerry> purposes 4.
<CanoeBerry>         Plan of Action *Plan and Procedure for Achieving the Stated 
<CanoeBerry> Objectives:*I am
<CanoeBerry>         proposing this OLPC project to a large group of Technologist on 
<CanoeBerry> Nov 9th at a
<CanoeBerry>         conference called NEIT ( and
<CanoeBerry> This is a 
<CanoeBerry> group of
<CanoeBerry>         approximately 250 Technologists in K-12 Education. I will call 
<CanoeBerry> the group to
<CanoeBerry>         action, and ask those interested to meet and discuss how to move 
<CanoeBerry> forward
<CanoeBerry>         with the project. Ultimately each school involved will 
<CanoeBerry> participate in a
<CanoeBerry>         fundraising effort (initial goal of $30,000) through a 
<CanoeBerry> kickstarter campaign
<CanoeBerry>         (
<CanoeBerry> The goal of $30,000 is so that we 
<CanoeBerry> can order
<CanoeBerry>         the minimum order of 100 laptops ($20,000) and then $10,000 for 
<CanoeBerry> shipping,
<CanoeBerry>         power and internet support. This funding does not take into 
<CanoeBerry> consideration
<CanoeBerry>         travel for individuals, who will be required to pay their own 
<CanoeBerry> way. I think
<CanoeBerry>         that the $30,000 goal is very attainable and I think on the low 
<CanoeBerry> end of what
<CanoeBerry>         can be achieved, but I was advised at the OLPC Summit in San 
<CanoeBerry> Francisco to
<CanoeBerry>         start the project small and build it larger as time goes on.
<CanoeBerry>         The specific location of the deployment has not been established 
<CanoeBerry> yet, as I
<CanoeBerry>         would like to find out where NYSAIS schools already have established
<CanoeBerry>         relationships in developing countries. This also was recommended 
<CanoeBerry> at the
<CanoeBerry>         Summit as a best practice.
<CanoeBerry> aarongrill: care to present your proposal quickly, in 2min?
<NtugiMark> Adam, who is this behind the project?
<CanoeBerry> Thanks!
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<aarongrill> Hi, this is my project
<NtugiMark> lol
<NtugiMark> ah
<aarongrill> My main reason for needing XO's is to motivate other technologists to get involved
<aarongrill> I would really just need a couple for the conference in a couple weeks
<aarongrill> Then eventually would need a couple to train students how to use and deploy
<CanoeBerry> aarongrill: have you established a plan with OLPC-NYC's George Hunt or others such as Marife Mago, Kevin Mark?
<kevix> get involved in the OLPC project in genera as in a road show or getting them to do programming/software/documentation
<kenyaconnect> This is a good project.... it needs an overseas partner..   Mark and I could get one for you
<NtugiMark> aarongrill, is the idea to get these folks to visit existing deployments, small or otherwise, first, and then start their own, or to be specialists to work at existing ones, or just to start their own?
<CanoeBerry> No obligation for all events to be open community / open source / free food, but your work with be far stronger if you work with kevix in Brooklyn etc!
<NtugiMark> or all three
<aarongrill> I would really like getting these people to visit existing XO deployments and eventually begin their own
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<NtugiMark> It seems to me that this could be a lovely feeder for volunteers, both dirty boots and programmers/activity-builders
<kevix> aarongrill: your in NY?
<aarongrill> This is a large techie group that has talked about getting globally involved for some time
<kenyaconnect> do you have a particular age group or class in mind.?
<CanoeBerry> aarongrill: i feel terribly we did not talk enough F2F in SF last wkd!  Where were you at Sunday night's party in Bolinas ;)
<carolruthsilver> This a very big project if it goes -- think of all these folks calling for tech support!
<aarongrill> I'm trying to get New York City Independent Schools involved
<kenyaconnect> I approve this project
<kenyaconnect> for 2 XOs to get started
<aarongrill> I was president of New York City Independent technologiest
<NtugiMark> a volunteer who could pony up to visit two or three existing deployments could get a great sense of shared need in activity build and adaptation
<CanoeBerry> 2 XO-1.5s?
<aarongrill> really any XO's
<aarongrill> it will be more symbolic for them to play with
<NtugiMark> +1 cause aaron has such a great SF pic
<aarongrill> then I can ship back wherever
<aarongrill> haha, thanks mark
<NtugiMark> make it 1.5's
<carolruthsilver> +1
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<CanoeBerry> +1 if we can work together with 
<NtugiMark> better that they get a quidker demo machine
<kevix> well this person suggests he knows technology and has contacts and interestign in promoting olpc to them
<aarongrill> Yeah, I can contact George as well
<craigperue> +1
<NtugiMark> aaron, we could happily accommodate any volunteers in Kenya
<CanoeBerry> Occupy OLPC NYC!
<kevix> heh
<carolruthsilver> onwards
<aarongrill> I will be showing your projects specifically to a room of about 150 Educational Technologiest
<NtugiMark> #occupyiraq  ….oh…wait…that happened
<kenyaconnect> I'll come and visit your school ... next time I am in NYC
<CanoeBerry> Deal
<carolruthsilver> Marc, you should go to NYC for this
<aarongrill> @ntugimark, woudl love to hear more about your projects
<CanoeBerry> Let's approve, barring objections.
<carolruthsilver> presentation.
<CanoeBerry> Blog plans?
<CanoeBerry> aarongrill: what online outreach style to you prefer?
<aarongrill> Yeah, I will setup a blog once I get a group of interested techies in NYC
<CanoeBerry> Don't wait until everyone signs off!
<aarongrill> Blob and Wiki
<CanoeBerry> Start soon wherever you're comfortable..
<CanoeBerry> Thanks.
<CanoeBerry> Let's conclude Project #4 verdict here.
<aarongrill> will do
<kevix> aarongrill: I'm a member of nylug, you can email the nylug-talk mailing list.
<CanoeBerry> kevix: can you make a final recommendation, speaking for OLPC NYC?
<NtugiMark> mark at
<kevix> sounds good to me so far.
<CanoeBerry> CORRECTION mark at
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<NtugiMark> let me know aaron when and where in NYC and maybe I can come down from Toronto if you need support
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED, with kevix as mentor if he can stand it!
<NtugiMark> sorry yes
<CanoeBerry> kevix?
<NtugiMark> I am a terrible typist
<kevix> oh. I can give it a go
<CanoeBerry> Awesome.
<NtugiMark> lol
<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #5.
<aarongrill> Thanks Mark, I'll email you and George soon. Kevix, I don't know the nylug-talk
<aarongrill> I'll check it out

[ PROJECT #5 - XO to Aid Teaching of English/Literacy Skills - Eshibinga, Kenya ]

<CanoeBerry> Onto Project #5.
<aarongrill> Thanks Mark, I'll email you and George soon. Kevix, I don't know the nylug-talk
<aarongrill> I'll check it out
<CanoeBerry> Plz all critique/mentor/vote for:
<CanoeBerry> XO to Aid Teaching of English/Literacy Skills - Eshibinga, Kenya
<CanoeBerry>     Requests ? XOs over 8 months
<CanoeBerry>     Project Objectives:
<CanoeBerry>     Use XO laptops to promote 'Verbal-Linguistic' skills. The learners 
<CanoeBerry> will enjoy
<CanoeBerry>     learning through speaking, writing, reading, and listening, 
<CanoeBerry> researching with
<CanoeBerry>     the XO. The XO will give students an opportunity to express themselves
<CanoeBerry>     creatively with words, capture student voices with audio, text, 
<CanoeBerry> pictures,
<CanoeBerry>     students will create stories, interactive activities related to reading,
<CanoeBerry>     writing, and speaking, students will read stories online, record 
<CanoeBerry> their own
<CanoeBerry>     stories and play literacy games. Our goal is to set a syllabus that
<CanoeBerry>     reinforces and harmonizes well with the Ministry of education English
<CanoeBerry>     curriculum..
<kevix> aarongrill: visit (linux group since 1999)
<NtugiMark> good, Aaron…my Skype is markroybattley
<CanoeBerry> Our final project proposal of the day.
<carolruthsilver> Anyone on line for this?
<CanoeBerry> What Kenyans can advocate for this work?
<aarongrill> Thanks everyone! I have run to go teach a programming class now. bye
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<NtugiMark> Is Sandra here still?
<kenyaconnect> Jane Wanju is not on this call as there wasn't time to reach her, but I can represent her
<CanoeBerry> Thanks, plz introduce this work quick.
<kenyaconnect> yes I am here.  This project started last June.. the leader in Kenya is a dynamic fellow and blogging and progress has been very well done
<kenyaconnect> School has been working on literacy with four laptops and has posted moving stories from the participants on their blog
<kevix> ah
<CanoeBerry> Can you point us to the precise past/evolving payoffs?
<CanoeBerry> aka Contributions to Kenya's overall OLPC community.
<kenyaconnect> They are also now taking on creating a hygiene program to address a local Jiggers (infection in feet of children) problem
<NtugiMark> I have been looking at their work and it seems very promising. I am happy to mentor along with Sandra. We are doing some Memorize work with audio matched to text in simple quizzes. Seems like a good place to start. And I think having the kids do blog posts along with their drawings or photos of themselves in a nice step up from there.
<kenyaconnect> Engagenment of area educators,
<NtugiMark> Even the Jiggers thing is a natural for Memorize
<kenyaconnect> strong team behind this group
<NtugiMark> easy to make for all levels and distribute by USB or email
<kenyaconnect> Lots of outreach to Kenyan community of teachers
<NtugiMark> follow through is everything of course
<CanoeBerry> How many XOs are requested and for what exactly?
<kenyaconnect> Memorize might be good
<kenyaconnect> Children said "Now we feel that we will not be left our of our future".
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<kenyaconnect> There is strong support from other teachers in this school
<NtugiMark> it is the easiest way in for this kind of education: Have the kids make the games themselves so they internalize the info, and then distribute to community and younger kids
<CanoeBerry> How many XOs are requested and for what exactly? (so we can conclude)
<NtugiMark> how many XO's do they have now?
<kenyaconnect> 8 tp cp,[
<NtugiMark> and how many requested?
<carolruthsilver> Suggest send 5 (4 plus parts or teacher)
<kenyaconnect> 8 laptops
<CanoeBerry> How many XOs in use today, by how many kids/teachers exactly?
<NtugiMark> how many do they have currently pls?
<carolruthsilver> they asked 8 months, blank number of laptops.
<NtugiMark> Sandra, do they have power and internet?
<kenyaconnect> They will continue with the literacy program. In rural villages English learning keeps kids back.  Already they have made progress on this and they will build a jiggers program
<carolruthsilver> electricity?
<kenyaconnect> The question mark is 8 laptops  mistype
<kenyaconnect> I am quite sure
<carolruthsilver> OK, 8.  But what is the power source?
<kenyaconnect> Malaika foundation their sponsor is working on money for solar panels.  There is a great provider Barefoot power.
<NtugiMark> 1) How many do they have now? 2) Do they have internet connection?
<kenyaconnect> They have internet connectivity
<kenyaconnect> They have 4 XOs.
<NtugiMark> +1 from me
<NtugiMark> I can help them over IRC or email with ideas for the Jiggers stuff if needed
<NtugiMark> \
<NtugiMark> sing memorize
<NtugiMark> using
<CanoeBerry> 3) Existing laptops are use by how many kids, and how many adults today? 4) Electricity infrastructure is what?
<kenyaconnect> great  thanks Mark.  I will connect you with Peter Amunga and Jane Wanju
<kenyaconnect> 30 kids are using them.
<NtugiMark> How will the 8 from here get over there?
<kenyaconnect> it is setup in more of a lab sitution so kids can cycle through
<NtugiMark> and when?
<NtugiMark> If they have funding, Godfrey or Simon would visit
<kenyaconnect> Jane Wanju has her connections to get the XOs there.
<NtugiMark> and help with Lab planning
<CanoeBerry> Simon?
<carolruthsilver> Note if they have 4 and get 8, they may believe more will be coming.  Need to clarify with project nature of this.
<NtugiMark> our Intern
<kevix>   `
<NtugiMark> local hero #2
<CanoeBerry> carolruthsilver: indeed!
<kenyaconnect> They are only hoping for 8 at the present time.  Jane and I are doing some join fundraising for more.
<carolruthsilver> I am ready to approve.
<NtugiMark> sorry, to be clear, both Simon and Godfrey are in Kenya but are both very poor and would need funding to travel even in country
<CanoeBerry> 4) Electricity infrastructure is what? 5) when would XOs travel from US to Kenya and how?
<NtugiMark> not much but enough for bus and food (if lodging were provided)
<kenyaconnect> Jane Wanju will send them over with other Kenyans she knows.  and we have an inside line with a Kenyan shipper "Hope for Africa"
<carolruthsilver> Does no one know what is the electricity infrastructure?
<kenyaconnect> I will talk to Jane about dates for the shipment.  The last time we talked she wanted to transport them from here herself.   No electricity now, but solar panels are in process.
<NtugiMark> how are they using the 4 they have without electricity? charging at home?
<CanoeBerry> Why is this microdeployment not on ?  +1 for a partial shipment if that is fixed/debugged.
<kenyaconnect> Kenya government has planned to bring electricity to schools, but so far the schools we know are still waiting for electricity to arrive, even those with political connections
<NtugiMark> never wait on the main connection
<NtugiMark> we are 3 yrs and waiting at three of our locations
<kevix> I recall the haitian school where the xo was changed in a main office and then used by the kids in the school
<kenyaconnect> It is on the map.    Ishibinga and Eshibinga search will bring it up
<NtugiMark> small solar immediately with expansion accomodation
<carolruthsilver> Or crank? Or generator? Or do kids have elec at home to charge? Someone can answer this??
<kenyaconnect> This school has only a few classrooms, and only recently moved out of mud huts... so there is no office
<kevix> meaning if electicity is current in homes but not in school
<CanoeBerry> there may be a transient DB problem with as Ntugi is not showing up either just for the moment.
<NtugiMark> yes, I noticed that this morn
<NtugiMark> I updated my own profile a few hrs ago and couldn't find Ntugi or Leparua
<kenyaconnect> The teacher charges the XOs, by riding down the mountain on a motor bike.  One trip he was held up in the rain and his students walked 4 kilometers in the rain to make sure the XOs were still intact
<CanoeBerry> OK, not showing important Kenya microdployments -- I'll notify Nick Doiron we have a serious situation.
<CanoeBerry> Onwards.
<carolruthsilver> Let's approve.  +1
<CanoeBerry> +1 keeping in mind XO-1 supply is limited.
<carolruthsilver> subject to Adam's conditions about mapping
<NtugiMark> 8 laptops will take them from 4-12
<NtugiMark> there is a real need for power here
<carolruthsilver> so maybe give them 4?
<NtugiMark> I think the 8 is okay if they have a plan
<NtugiMark> but Sandra will have to work with them closely
<carolruthsilver> But we don't know that.  Can 8 be charged on a motorbike?
<NtugiMark> nice to see the power in place before the laptops, even if it 1K of solar
<CanoeBerry> 8 will be hard to come by today, realistically.
<kevix> changing an XO by riding a bike down a mountain?
<NtugiMark> no, I think they charge at home and deliver them by bike
<NtugiMark> lol
<kevix> oh??
<CanoeBerry> Let's approve 4+ if we can, pending map/electricity clarification, and fine-tune XO count later depending on supply etc.
<CanoeBerry> Plz all vote.
<carolruthsilver> yes
<NtugiMark> +1
<CanoeBerry> Calling once..
<kevix> ok +1
<CanoeBerry> Calling twice..
<CanoeBerry> Calling thrice..
<NtugiMark> I think if they can put them to use, the 8 is good
<craigperue> +1
<carolruthsilver> =1
<kenyaconnect> Sorry... I said that they have plans to purchase Solar Panels very soon.   He only had only two XOs when he wrote that story
<NtugiMark> give 4 and the minute they have solar, up the count
<kevix> time frame for solar = 1 year, 5 year, 1 month
<CanoeBerry> APPROVED: for 4+ XO-1s laptops, pending / electricity clarification, fine-tuning XO count later depending on supply etc.
<NtugiMark> sorry for the caps
<NtugiMark> error
<NtugiMark> Sandra…if they know there is the promise of more, it is a good incentive to get their solar act together


<CanoeBerry> Thanks All, Have A Great Wkd (and see you Sunday 10am those involved in beefing up our community deployment network, starting with our photo book of the strongest smallest deployments)
<NtugiMark> we are offering the same deal to three schools in our program
<CanoeBerry> (Sunday 10am NYC Time)
<NtugiMark> 4 laptops now, 8-20 if they get solar/main
<carolruthsilver> Thanks for letting me participate.  Bye.
<NtugiMark> so tell Jane that we are in the same situation
<NtugiMark> thanks Carol
<CanoeBerry> Yes Kenya Ken!
<CanoeBerry> Yes Kenya Kan!
<CanoeBerry> Yes Kenya Can!
<kenyaconnect> what is going on on Sunday?    I'd like to join if it is in Cambridge?
<NtugiMark> was so nice seeing you in SF
<NtugiMark> thanks for the Proclamation work
<carolruthsilver> Thank you all. The SF meeting was wonderful and inspirational.
<CanoeBerry> kenyaconnect: no, it's semi-private call, from those leading the strongest 100-laptop deployment worldwide.
<kenyaconnect> OK...  no problem.    We'll have Kenya united once I get there ... still pulling my dollars together so that I can have a long visit... sorry to miss SF..
<NtugiMark> Sandra, I have to head off to the FOSS thing… I am presenting…but let's Skype on the weekend
<NtugiMark> Maybe I can help Jane with the solar by connecting her to both Tonny and our provider
<kevix> CanoeBerry: stupid question. is there any public info about the OLPC-A 'consulting' services
<kenyaconnect> Query Mark
<CanoeBerry> No idea.
<NtugiMark> Sorry, I must leave for our OLPC presentation with KG up at York
<CanoeBerry> Til next time, Thanks All for Voting/Mentoring your conscience!
<carolruthsilver> I just googled it. Nada.
<NtugiMark> quite late
<NtugiMark> thanks all
<NtugiMark> see you CXrig
<NtugiMark> craig
<NtugiMark> anything before I go?
<CanoeBerry> minutes will be posted at later this hour
<craigperue> See you Mark. It was great connecting with everyone again.
<NtugiMark> dud be better with a Red Stripe ;)
<NtugiMark> wud
<NtugiMark> okay, bye…thanks Adam