Creating new test cases

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Create new test cases

First review the set of test cases that already exist below. Some of them are stubs to be filled out and others include procedures. Also review the category and sub-categories that determine part of your test case name.

Naming a test case

  • Use /Tests/TestCategory/SubCategory(as needed)/TestName as the name of the new test case, for example Tests/Network/XO/SimpleMesh.
  • Use the following categories (see Property:Test category):
    • Tests/Boot/, Tests/Network/, Tests/Upgrades/, Tests/Journal/, Tests/SugarUI/, Tests/SugarControlPanel/, Tests/Power/, Tests/Peripherals/, Tests/Activity/, Tests/XS/ (school server), Tests/I18N/, Test/SmokeTest/
    • Use Test/Activity/TheActivityName as sub-category for an activity, for example Tests/Activity/Record/Private photo sharing.

Form information

The form has several fields for you to fill in. Here is what they are used for:

  • Name of the test case: Short description of the test case.
  • Category: The category this test case falls under. Select the value you used for the <category> part of the name for the new test case.
  • Sub-category: The sub-category this test case falls under. Select the value you used for the <sub-category> part of the name for the new test case.
  • Stream: What stream of builds does this test belong to? Is it specific to Joyride? Update.1? Any stream?
  • Build: If this test is for a specific stream, what is the earliest build number that it applies to? (optional field)
  • Component being tested: What is the activity or feature of the XO that this test case is for?
  • Wiki link to the feature: Text field.
  • Summary: A brief description describing what functionality the test case is intended to verify.
  • Tools: Do you need any special tools for the test? In most cases, the answer will be no.
  • Setup: Do you need the laptops to have specific builds or activities? Do the laptops explicitly need to be registered (or not) with a schoolserver?
  • Procedure: The steps the tester must take to finish the test case.
  • Expected results: What should happen if everything is working as expected? What must happen for a run-through of this test case to be considered a pass?
  • Notes: Anything else that doesn't fit in the other fields.

Adding the test case

To add a new test case, go to Form:Test case and give it your new name.