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How to register

If you're interested in attending the Jam, form a team (2-4 people) that you want to work on a project with, and apply for a spot by emailing Mel Chua with answers to the following questions:

  1. Team name
  2. Names of team members
  3. Contact information (email)
  4. What is your experience/background, and why are you interested in coming to the Jam? (3-5 sentences per person, description of teaching experiences especially helpful, if you have any.)
  5. What kind of project would you like to work on during the Jam? (3-5 sentences per team; doesn't need to be an exact idea, even something like "we'd like to work on something for teaching Chemistry," or "we will make a mathematics lesson plan for 4th graders that involves an art project" is great.)

We will notify you of your status within 48 hours. We have room for about 10 teams in the Jam, and admission is on a rolling basis, so apply now!

Formal teaching experience is helpful but not necessary; at the last Jam (during which we developed computer games) we had teams with experts and professionals from game development companies, but we also had parent-child teams, a team of college-age siblings, and even a team of high schoolers. (The college-age brothers won).

We also have a few spots for people who would like to work with multiple teams on a subject they are experienced in. For instance, if you are an artist and would like to be a general resource for teams at the Jam who want art, or if you are a programmer and would like to help all the teams at the Jam with their computers, please contact Mel.

Attendance at the Jam is appreciated. (We are currently working on providing meals there is a chance you may have to ba-on a lunch or two.)

Registered teams

ACSAT Baliuag

File:CurriculumJam2k7Oct5-7.txt Herminia Agustin Felicissimo Saldevar

Akin Ka Tribu Team

Discussed with OLPC Philippines with Aklan's Congressman Miraflorez - cong_ftm (AT) yahoo (DOT) com]
Aklan's previous (12™Congress) Congresswoman/current Vice Gov. Billie Calizo
Kalibo's Vice Mayor Dra. Tambong, Kalibo SB's and Municipal ITC staff - LGUkalibo (at) yahoo (DOT) com
Invited to attend Manila Jam. by Chief Mike

Malaya GNU+Linux User Group

In the Jam we plan to share our software that teach mental math and we also want to create a tagalog and english based vocabulary trainer software.

  • Timothy Paul B. Martinez - I'm the founder of Malaya GLUG, and a dedicated Free software advocate. I'm a python programmer (but also could programmed in different prog. lang.) and educator in heart and spirit. I'm working on a software named "Mental++" a software programmed in python and scheme that teach mental math. I have some informal experience in teaching - I teach youth and children in our church. I want and love to join the Jam so I could share my skills and knowledge in programming, teaching, arts, and values education. I'm just a poor student who is blessed to be intelligent to given scholarship, that's why I want to help and promote OLPC in the Philippines. "I want to join the jam, I want to help to invent the future for our future sons and daughters."
  • Rowen Remis R. Iral - Fundametal IT Engineer I'll be helping in development and promotion of OLPC project. I'm also one of the major movers of the PhilNITS Society who wants to do changes by use of IT. I also like to work with my team and learn with them, I push project and time and put things in order for smooth execution and wants to achieve goals that was set. I am also involve in book publishing. I want to join the jam to share my skills in improving the education system and style.
  • Romelsa D. Romero - Helping other people is one of my dreams! I was overwhelmed when I knew that OLPC has the same aim which is to educate children. I have been teaching for nine years now on computer related subjects and I want to continue helping others in regards with computer programming through imparting my knowledge on the said subject. I would like to contribute programming ideas to produce computer software that will guide children to learn more.
  • Divine Grace P. Cristobal - I am a college student taking up an I.T. course. I've learned to use different programming languages. I want to expand my knowledge by helping others to learn - "teaching is twice of learning." And I hardly believe that joining this jam would be a great help for me to share what I know. I want to help my others to be educated that is the main goal why I want to join the jam.

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