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This page is a space (which may be merged with other spaces later) to list active (defined as having activity within the past 30 days) curriculum projects for OLPC. Contact User:Mchua with any questions - this will evolve into a more robust curriculum development community soon, with blogs, guidelines, contacts, and spaces for suggestions.

Earth Treasury

Last Updated: Aug. 13, 2007

Contact: Mokurai email

Description: The first computer education experiments began in the 1960s (literacy and math, mainly. Or should I say, Readin, 'Ritin, and 'Rithmetic?), and computers have been in many classrooms for 30 years. But they have not been integrated into the curriculum, because textbook authors could not assume that a child had regular computer access or any particular software. OLPC has changed that already. We can put models and videos into textbooks to replace diagrams and photos. We can crosslink textbooks to any other appropriate materials, including real-world data for the children to analyze. We can make every line of math in a textbook executable. Then we can get innovative.

What's happening: Earth Treasury has a number of textbooks of this kind, from arithmetic to calculus, and will be creating more, and researching appropriate methods of "textbook" creation and use. We need

  • volunteers
  • more contacts in the education community, especially schools willing to participate
  • more textbooks to convert
  • licensing from textbook publishers
  • a server for the needed Wiki work space, mailing lists, and so forth.

Link: Earth Treasury Web site to appear

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