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Curriki, a play on the words 'curriculum' and 'wiki', is a nonprofit organization that aims to bridge the educational divide. Curriki serves as a platform on which to host Open Source Curriculum (OSC), to provide universal access to free curricula and instructional materials for grades K-12.
Curriki’s initial focus is to develop an online repository for K-12 curricula in the areas of mathematics, science, technology, reading and language arts, social studies, and languages. To do this, the organization is partnering with publishers, curriculum developers, not-for-profits, and universities. Once a core repository is developed, the resource will attract a committed community of educators to populate, modify, and enrich it.
Curriki is also reaching out to a broad community of educators to share in, upload, or author content. (Content can be anything from a stand alone learning resource to a comprehensive unit of study.)
In June 2007, Curriki launched content creation tools and templates known as the Currikulum Builder. The functionality in the Currikulum Builder allows educators the groundbreaking ability to author and or modify curricula using Wiki technology.
Currently Curriki has a lesson plan “template,” or Wiki-based tool that allows for easy creation and modification of materials. The next release will include additional templates, such as Quiz, Students Activity, and General Learning Resource. Curriki is also adding point-of-use help, strategies, and instructional design tips. A future release will include tools to aggregate textbooks from open source learning resources.
Early contributors and partners come from all over the United States, as well as India, France, South Africa, and Canada, with membership growing daily.



Primarily english, with multiple languages supported and translation efforts underway.

Size Over 30,000 members


Downloadable .txt, .doc, .html, and .pdf files. Also, online resources.

  • Scripting (any scripting needed to convert it from current packaging)

Curator Info

Group: Wiki texts, overall

Group coordinator: None.

Curator(s): Anne Schreiber (Wiki texts), Joshua Marks (tech)

Allottable size:


Scope: All subjects, K-12.

Completeness: Sparse but filling in at a good pace. Benchmark for complete curriculum is set for December 2008.

Multilingualism: English only, as far as I could tell.

Quality: A “Curriculum Review System” to be implemented Fall of 2007 will use master teachers, users, and volunteers to rate content for pedagogy, accuracy, and technical quality.

Freeness: Various CC licenses.

Comments, Tags, and Ratings


School library

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Organization website:

Country:Based in the U.S., expanding internationally, especially to the UK, India, and Latin America.

Main contact name:Rob Lucas

Main contact email: robert.lucas (at) gmail (dot) com

Organization description: Curriki is a community of educators building open-source curriculum. We've built wiki tools custom-designed for collaborative curriculum development, built on Xwiki. Enhanced search, a peer review system, and group collaboration tools are on the way, probably later this year. We have nearly 5,000 learning resources, over 32,000 registered members, and a large growing network of partners.

Interests: For the purposes of Summer of Content, we're primarily interested in laying the groundwork for a Spanish-language version of the site. Outside of SoCon, we're interested in developing content in all major academic subjects.