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This is a library of hardware component data sheets for One Laptop Per Child designs.

Requests for datasheets

If you want the specifications for a component in OLPC hardware (the XO laptop or the Multi Battery Charger), please post the request on this page and Richard will try to get back to you ASAP. (If you want a spec for software, see Software.)

XO Laptop Datasheets

These are datasheets for the XO laptop.

Some of the following datasheets are for components that were only used in early BTest prototypes, such as B1 or B2 versions, or were only considered.

Many datasheets are linked from the Hardware specification. Please help move them here as well


  • ETI EM6A6165TS-7G
  • ISSI IS42R16100C1 PDF (file is damaged)
  • ESMT M12S16161A PDF


  • Hynix HY5DU561622ETP-J PDF
  • PowerChip Semiconductor A2S56D40CTP-G6L PDF
  • Winbond W9425G6DH-6 link (no datasheet yet)
  • Qimonda (Infineon) HYB25DC256160CE-6 PDF
  • Nanya NT5DS16M16CS-6K PDF
  • Elpida EDD2516AETA-6B-E PDF
  • Samsung K4H561638H-UC/LB3 PDF
  • 256 MiB configuration: PowerChip Semiconductor A3S12D30/40ETP PDF

NAND Flash 1 GB

  • Hynix HY27UG088G5M-TPCB PDF
  • Samsung K9K8G08UOA-PCB0 PDF
  • Micron MT29F8G08DAAWC PDF

NAND Flash 512MB

  • Hynix HY27UF084G2M-TPCB PDF
  • Samsung K9F4G08U0M-PCB0 PDF


  • Spansion S25FL008A0LMFI003 PDF (working as of 5/2009): PDF)
  • Winbond W25X80 PDF

DC connector

there is now a drawing for this, and a part # for a matching connector, which you'll soon be able to get via Richard for a few dollars

Embedded Controller

Multi-Battery Charger Datasheet

Media:At91sam7x128_256_pc.pdf - AT91 ARM® Thumb®-based Microcontrollers AT91SAM7X256/AT91SAM7X128 from Atmel

Future Systems

This is a place for publicly released datasheets being considered for future products.

Other datasheets