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February 2nd 2008: Showed it to more people at the education conference in Copenhagen

February 1st 2008: Charbax went to show it again at the education conference in Copenhagen and was filmed by Raymond M. Kristiansen

January 31th 2008: Charbax showed the laptop to the ebook research team at Det Kongelige Bibliothek, the national library at the Naturvidenskabelig library on Nørre Gade 49. Then he went to try and show it at Rådhuset to the regional copenhagen politicians and was reffered to their IT department "Center for Informatik" on Artillerivej 126. Then he went to try and show it the politicians in the education and foreign aid departments at the nationnal parliament on Christiansborg but their secretary asked for more information per email before setting up an appointment. Charbax then went to show the laptop at the IT University of Copenhagen and has received the most positive feedback so far. Students flocked around the XO in the halls and were all amazed to be able to see it for real. Many contacts were made with software developpers, designers, ebusiness people who would like to help the project. He then went to the national education conference at Forum and showed it to hundreds of danish education and school representatives fro public and private schools there.

January 30th 2008: Charbax, is showing an OLPC XO B4 laptop to as many people as possible. Teachers, school principals, librarians, local and nationnal politicians. He was at 10 public schools today, getting a lot of positive feedback from teachers of some of the schools in Østerbro and Frederiksberg in Copenhagen.


- Convince danish people to donate a lot of laptops to developping countries. Donations would be through personal donations at [1], donations by danish IT industry through an IT industry OLPC donations initiative by Dansk IT [2], decisions by the danish Government to dedicate some of its aid to developping countries to the OLPC project, coorporate donations by big danish coorporations and an EU based Give 1 Get 1 campaign.

- Convince danish decision makers in the danish school system that OLPC should be implemented in Denmark, with a danish keyboard and the Sugar software translated to Danish. The goal is to involve danish pedagogy researchers, software developpers, teachers, parents, children, politicians and other in the danish IT industry into helping to improve and develop OLPC globally.


- Charbax is planning to document the whole process of the promotion, discussions, decisions and implementation of OLPC in Denmark in the video format and post all the videos in English and in Danish at [3].

- Videos could also be used on Teachers video-blogs when they want to document their process of integrating the laptop into the education. Using video the teachers can post good ideas for how to use the laptops positively in the education, teachers can explain some of their concerns and ask for help or advice to fix some problems and requesting software solutions to simplify some of the processes.