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I'm a video-blogger from Denmark, I've been to Film school and Multimedia Designers schools here.

I video-blog from consumer electronics shows and other Tech Events and Film Festivals.

I set-up a video-blog for olpc at

On the 5th of May 2006, I briefly spoke with Nicholas Negroponte at the World Congress on Information Technology in Austin Texas. I went there to make a video-blog of the event. He told me WiMax is over-hyped for now, that the laptop can do video and that it can basically do everything and is very fast. I wanted to ask if specifically full DVD resolution DivX video would work. I filmed nearly completely Nicholas Negroponte's keynote at the WCIT 2006 and posted it in HD DivX and on Google Video here.

On 8-11th January 2007, I interviewed Michail Bletsas at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas were I was filming a video-blog.

Some of the videos that I filmed of the OLPC:

- Interview of Håkon Wium Lie, CTO of Opera, talking about Opera on the OLPC at Reboot 9.0 Web 2.0 conference in Copenhagen.

- Interview of Michail Bletsas about the Wi-Fi Mesh and about more features of the OLPC, as well as a demonstration of the OLPC outdoors, testing the UI and more.

- Interview of a Marvell representative about the Wi-Fi Mesh chip, as well as talking about possible Wi-Fi 802.16N and Wi-Max to be implemented when those technologies are a bit more developped, can be implemented using less power and will cost less to produce.

- A demo by Michail Bletsas showing C-sound.

- A demo of the OLPC running the Pepper Linux Fedora OS. I was very impressed to see Google Video's 480x360 resolution DivX Mpeg4 video with Mp3 audio in the .avi container playing back smoothly on the OLPC hardware. This was a great experience. Pepper also have adapted the rest of their Pepper OS and really globally I think that they can provide an impressive OS. The problem with Pepper is that it is proprietary software, thus it is kind of limited in terms of getting third party applications made for it, but it could be a nice future commercial solution for the OLPC based hardware. Pepper truly got some fast, responsive, impressive applications working.

My suggestion for OLPC educational material:

Video on the Internet. Provide more videos on the Internet. Curriculum as video, communication using video. Everything should also be video.

My suggestion for

Video on the Internet. Release many more videos.

If there will be a need for volunteer work, I am a volunteer to help, any place that I can be useful. In case some teacher training for using videos on the Internet can be useful while the laptops are distributed, or something else. I speak French, Danish, German and English.

Contact details: Nicolas Charbonnier 004536947366

address: Nicolas Charbonnier, Julius Thomsens Plads 2,, 1925 Frederiksberg C, Denmark