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IV. Sample Workshop Schedule

The workshop should work according to the same principles we advocate: we will learn by doing, by constructing, by collaborating, by reflecting. We will build upon the interests of the participants and take advantage of work, ideas, and questions of the participants. Thus, one should view the following agenda as the schedule from which we will opportunistically deviate.

Topic/Activity Goal
Day 1 Welcome and introduction
Overview of the workshop
Introductions by participants
Talk and discussion: laptops and learning: What's different?
Hands-on experience #1: the basics
Discussion of major issues
Children, learning, and computers
Introduction to pedagogical concepts behind one laptop per child and achieving an initial level of comfort with the laptop; ask the participants to use the laptop to take notes throughout the workshop!
Day 2 Constructionist 1:1 learning experiences
Talk and discussion: OLPC in countries: What we have learned so far
Hands-on experience #2: activity exploration
Learning from the experiences of others; deeper immersion into the tools: e.g., the Journal, Turtle Art, Etoys, and/or Scratch
Day 3 Materials for 1:1 learning
Hands-on experience #3: collaborating
Questions and answers: technical
Questions and answers: logistical
Questions and answers: pedagogical
Power and connectivity
Talk and discussion: community and children as teachers and learners
Introduction to networking and the mesh; sharing and collaborating; disassemble and reassemble a laptop
Day 4 Talk and discussion: assessment and metrics
Key deployment issues: local teams and teacher development
Deployment plans
Integration of 1-to-1 computing to curricula; going beyond the status quo
Day 5 “Open House”
Talk and discussion: next steps
Participants provide feedback to each other about what they have experienced and learned

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