Deployment Guide 2011/Introduction to Deployment Guide

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OLPC Deployment Guide 2011: Introduction to Deployment Guide

This document provides guidelines for program directors (government officials, foundations, private funders, etc.) conducting One Laptop per Child deployments on a large scale to schools, cities, regions, or country wide.

This guide outlines key considerations to be taken into account throughout the different stages of a deployment. It captures the knowledge and expertise gained from deploying over 2 million laptops across more than 30 countries around the world. Therefore, this document can be adapted for each new deployment according to each country’s unique cultural, economical and socio -- political context and in accordance with its particular strengths and capabilities.

Deployment Phases Overview

A deployment can be divided in three main phases: Planning Phase, Deployment Phase, and Post- Deployment Phase. This document is meant to guide project managers through the roadmap towards a successful deployment, by describing essential steps, and decisions to consider, and by suggesting an action timeline.

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