Deployment Guide 2011/Summary of Recommended Tasks

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OLPC Deployment Guide 2011: Summary of Recommended Tasks

Planning Phase

  • Define Budget for: Purchase, Infrastructure and Connectivity, Staff.
  • Hire project manager and Core Team managers.
  • Select Target community (schools, centers).
  • Define XO specs.

Deployment Phase

  • Hire staff for Core Team.
  • Arrange training for Core Team with OLPC.
  • Develop Laptop Distribution Plan.
  • Design and collect data for Baseline Study.
  • Prepare Infrastructure and Connectivity (at schools and community level).
  • Organize and Perform Teacher Training.
  • Laptop Distribution.

Post-Deployment Phase

  • Design and perform Tech support strategy for Laptop Maintenance and Repairs.
  • Design and supervise Learning Environments with the XO: Formal (in school, classroom),
  • Non-Formal (extracurricular activities), Informal (home, family).
  • Perform follow up teacher trainings.
  • Design and apply Evaluation studies (for students learning and project implementation).