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These meetings are weekly meetups between people running and supporting OLPC deployments. The content is expected to be a combination of technical, strategic, project management, training consideration, support and other aspects related to OLPC deployments. Deployers are encouraged to read and update the Deployment FAQ, Deployment Guide and Deployment Resources so others can learn from your lessons. Outcomes from Deployment meetups will be recorded here and communicated to the OLPC developer community and Support Gang. Meetings will be by IRC so people can script, record, and easily translate the meetings. A face to face component may be introduced in future. There are two meetups a week to facilitate the different timezones.

Meetings are coordinated and chaired by Pia Waugh <pia at olpcfriends dot org> and Michael Stone <mstone at laptop dot org>.

Time and Place

Meetings will commence January 20th 2009. Details below:

  • Place: - on channel #olpc-deployment, irc://
  • If you are not used to using an IRC client (like xchat) then you can easily join the meeting using a web client like To use, simply type into "Nickname" the name you want to be seen by others as (such as Pia). Then click "Connect" and you'll get a screen where the meeting will be happening in text. Feel free to jump in, ask questions, introduce yourself. Please try to follow along with the agenda.
  • Meeting day/time - Please note, you don't need to come to both meetings, they are simply to facilitate the differing timezones and the impossibility of finding a single time that suits everyone.
    • Every Tuesday at 1500 Boston time (Tuesday 2000 UTC time).
    • Every Wednesday at MIDNIGHT Boston time (Wednesday 0500 UTC time).
  • Monthly FAQ-HACK - After the first meeting in every month, people are invited to stay in the channel and help transfer ideas, information, documentation and requirements from the minutes to the Deployment FAQ, Deployment Guide and the Deployment Wishlist. Come along to help and to ensure your issues are documented!

Running agenda

Please catch up on the following resources before each meeting so you can be up to date:

Please add items you'd like to specifically discuss. Below is an initial running agenda:

  • Weekly "speaker" - each week a member of the deployment community will speak about their experiences or something particularly great they are working on (~10 mins)
  • Introductions of any new people, and deployment updates (~30 mins)
  • General deployment Q&A - ask any burning questions you have for your deployments
    • An opportunity to talk LOS would be nice - Yamaplos
    • add your items here for the agenda
  • Deployment Wishlist update - the wishlist is where deployers note the things we need to make successful deployments
  • Deployment_Resources update - for resources we all need for deployments
  • Questions answered about deployments will be accumulated in the Deployment Guide


Please add your deployment resources (reports, links to documentation, useful URLs) to the deployment resources page.

Meeting notes

All meetups will be recorded here.


Please add yourself, your project and your email address below for others' reference:

Name (nick) Deployments/Projects One line description Email URL
Pia Waugh (greebo) Australian deployments, support for Oceania, OLPC Friends Technical community person committed to the vision of OLPC pia at olpcfriends dot org
Michael Stone (mstone) OLPC software development OLPC developer, ex-release manager, consultant michael at laptop dot org
Neal Scogin Texas deployment Support and management guru neal dot scogin at sbcglobal dot net
Daniel Drake (dsd) Paraguay deployment dsd at laptop dot org
Yamandú Ploskonka (yamaplos) Bolivia and Castillian Americas OLE Bolivia Exec Director, Sur co-founder, representative@OLPC yamaplos at netoso dot com User:Yamaplos
Rodolfo Arce (obi-1) Paraguay Deployment ras at paraguayeduca dot org
Add your name and details here