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Also see queries on Deployments.


Currently, not many pages have Property:Has received laptops on date, but this could be cool. Click on each deployment's "dot" to see more info.

Normally you use format=timeline, but some deployments like OLPC Mozambique have two of these date properties, so use format=eventline. But then there's a bug: SMW issue: with format eventline, each page's pop-up has a title that's a garbled links to the date property; Status: SMW bug 15277 filed .

{{#ask: Has received laptops on date::+

 | ?Number of manufactured laptops
 | ?Has received laptops on date
 | format=eventline
 | link=all
 | timelinebands=MONTH,YEAR|
 | timelinesize=200px
 | sort=Has received laptops on date
 | limit=50  
 | default=No pages with Property:Has received laptops on date found?


format=timeline can display length bars if pages have start and end dates, check out This could be very useful for community stuff.

Count of laptops and lots more

from those pages in Category:Deployments with annotations for Property:Number of manufactured laptops.


 | ?Number of manufactured laptops=# of manufactured laptops
 | ?Has received laptops on date=Got laptops on
 | ?Language spoken=Language
 | ?Keyboard
 | ?Contact person
 | ?School server status
 | ?Software release
 |sort=Number of manufactured laptops
 |default=Query found no pages in Category:Deployments?