Deployment reports

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We'd love to get reports back from deployments as to what's working at pilots and what's not, so that other pilots can learn from your experiences and so that grassroots volunteers can see how they can best help out. The goal is to start these meetings during the deployments, but impress upon the teachers and administrators there that it is important to continue to maintain these connections even after the deployment team has left.

Biweekly chat

We're going to have a chat every other week on IRC for teachers and schools who are using XOs in their classrooms (in other words, "deployments"). We'd love for you to participate - and to, at some point during the summer, convene the meeting as our guest speakers and present the events and issues going on at your deployment.

Biweekly digest

At the start of each meeting, all participating pilots will share a short digest of what's been happening at their location since the prior week's meeting. So every two weeks, at the meetings, you should have a short writeup (300-500 words is fine - pictures are great!) of stories, news, etc. from your pilot. What things have been tried? What problems have you run into? How did you solve them? What are the results of your experiments?

Biweekly task lists

At the end of each meeting, all participating pilots will share their "help wanted" lists. These lists will be posted on the community mailing lists so that grassroots community volunteers looking for things to do can pick up on various tasks. So every two weeks, at the meetings, you should have a list of...

  • Things you'd like help with, and why they're needed.
  • What kind of skills are needed to help you out
  • How people can get involved (ranging from "just do this" to "please call us" and "please visit")
  • What kinds of resources are available to people who want to help - can you pay for materials? Will they need to buy their own plane ticket over?