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Using an XO for animal motion detection.


Position the XO in a location that will see movement by animals, such as a bird bath, bird nest, or mouse hole. For example, this B1 XO was set in ebook mode and suspended from hooks:

MotionDetection-swallow-nest-one-mounting.jpg MotionDetection-20070516092913-06-02.jpg

Try to avoid positions with grass or vegetation that may move in the wind, otherwise you'll get pictures of the grass moving. Though it is possible to configure the detector to deal with them.


Not yet packaged for the XO, but a binary package is available, which was built from CVS including the new V4L2 API provided by the XO camera kernel module.

  • open a root shell on the XO
  • download the binary package
# cd /tmp
# wget
  • unpack it
# cd /
# tar xfj /tmp/motion-2007-03-05.tar.bz2
# cd /motion
# rm /tmp/motion-2007-03-05.tar.bz2
width 640
height 480
  • start the motion detector
# ./go
  • if you change motion.conf while motion is running, send it a SIGHUP so it will reread the file
# killall -HUP motion



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