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To make your project succeed, you will need to communicate frequently with the other people involved in the OLPC project, to ask questions, get feedback, coordinate actions, and generally keep up to date.

Minimum Communication Requirements

If you are developing for the XO you should:

  • Join the OLPC Developers mailing list
    • Key announcements go here
    • Most project-level discussion goes on here
    • Most general software development questions belong here
  • Join #olpc-devel on OFTC IRC
    • This room is for system-level development discussions only. Idling and reading the discussion is a great way to keep up with ongoing OLPC software and hardware developments and learn about how things work.

If you are developing for the OLPC you may want to:

  • Create a "User:" page on the wiki describing yourself and giving your contact information

If you are starting/leading a project, you should:

  • Announce your project on the OLPC Developers list (before you start, and when versions are released)

Other Channels

See Communication channels.

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