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This page is a draft in active flux ...
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  • developers@ email list - deprecated but still used occasionally, particularly for odd hardware requests. I suggest this be retired explicitly. Mchua
  • RT, hardware-reqs queue - currently not in use, but may be used later on for better tracking
  • projectdb - canonical location of apps


What's the flow of information and review of applications - what are all the different routes that a request for Physical Stuff can take, from coming into (which entry points?) the system, being reviewed (by whom, in which system? what are the options for status that reviewers can mark project status with?) and being shipped (how does this happen? on what schedule - weekly?)

A draft of the process, taken from emails from SJ, is posted below. Comments welcome. Mchua

A project is started

Someone has an idea for a project. They talk with people, ask for help or hardware on mailing lists, IRC, in person, etc. They need pointing to contributors and the projectdb.

Project is entered into the projectdb

Eventually, to formally request hardware for a project, an application has to be submitted to projectdb.

Each application should point to a page on the wiki describing itself.

Project is reviewed

  1. On a weekly basis (Friday), someone(s) (delegated by SJ Klein) goes through the applications and marks them as approved, rejected, or for-discussion.
  2. approved and rejected projects move on to the next step.
  3. for-discussion projects are brought up in the Friday meeting and given a status of approve/reject.

Project is notified of status

  • rejection : send an email to the submitter with rationale and revision suggestions, copying, and change status to 'reject'. Rejected projects may revise themselves and try again.
  • acceptance : send an email to sj, copying, and change status to 'accept'.

Laptops are shipped

  • SJ goes through the approved projects list on a weekly basis and sends shipping orders to the warehouse for machines to be sent out.