Distributing OLPC

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Making OLPC models of communities and development more decentralized, OLPC has to encourage communities of free software developers around the world, has to listen to teachers and students inquires and has to give them ways of making them happen.

The distribution has to be in all the layers, technological, content, and pedagogical.
Communication between this layers has to be improved, developer meetings like the XOcamp must be also done in major deployment sites.

Tech distribution

  • Git ==>Gitorious
  • Bug-tracking ==> trac-hacks + Bugs everywhere
  • Wiki ==> (MikMik) (Betawiki) connected to Mainwiki?
  • Training.

Content distribution

  • Wikipedia slices are good but we have to find software to make easy to digitalize already existing content, for example oral traditions of tribes, papers, books.etc.
  • Make an special collection of e-books to use on the XO and Sugar, and made with these 'forgotten' materials of countries.

Pedagogical distribution

  • It's truth that OLPC can't interfere with each countries choices on pedagogics and education, but mailists, IRCs, blogs and others are a way to discuss ideas between OLPC leaning team and countries learning teams.

This discussion could be beneficial to both OLPC and countries.

Community distribution

  • IRC and personal (i.e not by internet ;)) meetings. in the states and in mayor deployment sites, reunions between devs and teachers or educational authorities recommended.

Interaction between all the layers

Sometimes, due to idiomatic constrains it's difficult to communicate, so i'd recommend that people experienced on translations could do the job of passing interesting post or ideas between different lists.